2014 Entrepreneurial Idea #1

pastries milan Italy

We are on vacation in Milan- MILAN ITALY. The weather isn’t great which is typical for Europe. We spent the day walking to a market, taste testing pastries from various bakeries, sipping and dunking thick delicious hot chocolate, lunching on pizza and soda pop, riding metros, and combing through local sites. We picked up a little Italian but mostly learned how to ask “do you speak English”? Spartacus and I are loving Milan. The children we live with are doing a lot of complaining. I am feeling like we are spoiling our kids too much,  if only I had the guts to….

2014 Entrepreneurial Idea #1:

Open a children’s work camp at tourist destinations all over the world. Parents can check the kids in and enjoy their vacation whilst the kids are worked and fed porridge during the duration of the stay.

I would pick up my kids and they would appreciate me more, learn to work, and eat what ever I make with more gratitude, and I will have had a great vacation. I would be willing to pay good money for this service and I think a lot of other parents of spoiled children would too.

On a side note, look how beautifully the sales clerk wrapped the pastries I ordered, they really are a gift!

pastries wrappedExcept for the cannoli’s, I had no idea what I was ordering. I pointed at this and that and she packaged it up with a smile- she must have know this was a good remedy for a long, cold, rainy day with whiny children. The orang-ish club shaped one and the chocolate mountain shaped one are spiked with something alcoholic. I have been promised by several friends that if I enjoyed these more often, with additional glasses of wine or shots of tequila I would most certainly enjoy the company of my children, or at least not notice their complaining as much.

3 thoughts on “2014 Entrepreneurial Idea #1

  1. Lol…I think you might be on to something, but I’m not sure it would work in America…for the most part, you’d have more parents whining than children. 😉
    Those cannoli’s look amazing!!! I so want one! I guess perhaps, I should add Milan to places I would like to visit before I die? I can’t wait to read more about your trip! 🙂

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