A playground Where Huckleberry Fin Meets King Arthur

spiel platz bridge

There is one very unique playground we love to visit called Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli. It’s design could be described as something like Huckleberry Finn meets king Arthur. It’s a sweet place to spend the day or just a few hours and is sure to inspire lots of imagination.

engleburg mountains

spiel platz sign

spiel platz slide

spiel platz bridge and rafts

huckleberry family

When we were last there I met the little old man who seemed to be the caretaker and he told me that he and his family built the playground many years ago and he still comes everyday to tidy up, check the equipment and lock up the park at night. The love that built this place is obvious from it’s fanciful design to its meticulous upkeep.


There is a wooden fortress with a rope suspension bridge stretched across a real moat. Of course there are also the normal trapping like swing sets and slides but my kids (AND Husband) seemed to gravitate toward the water. Bring swimsuits and dry clothes because the children are sure to want to get wet either swimming in the shallow pond or when having fun tipping rafts that are casually anchored at the shoreline (no charge) waiting for a new captain.

spiel platz grills

Like all the playground and recreation areas that I have seen-  there are picnic and grill places to eat and the firewood is provided. Because the park is privately funded, there is a donation box to help support its maintenance and to donate toward the firewood you may use.

huckleberry fin AXEL

If you are in the area (Engelberg) , you should definitely make a stop at Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli.

engleburg view2

Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli is open from sometime in the morning until sometime in the evening . The snow is usually melted by May and thru October.

Getting there:
Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli
6390 Engelberg
Tel. 041 637 15 58
There is some parking near by, but limited and be prepared to walk.  If you decide to take the senic train ride to Engleburg you can ask their about public transportation options, or enjoy the easy walk up to the park, roads are not usually high traffic and on a nice day the mountain views are stunning.

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  1. I want to go!!!!! Seriously!!!! Your post give me a desire to move to Switzerland….or maybe Germany! This looks amazing, and how amazing is the caretaker! I love it even more after reading about him and his wife!

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