Am I Over-Scheduling to Avoid Seasonal Depression?

the bachlor shirtless

I was hoping this photo might get your attention.

Yesterday a friend asked me about our schedule, after I rattled of a few items that were scheduled he confirmed “so you don’t have a job”. I agreed and the conversation moved on into another direction. I suppose in my own mind I have tried to schedule the blog and make it a job but at the end of the day it isn’t generating any revenue and I admit it’s a hobby. Sometimes the truth hurts a little. I really wish I could call it a job and make it a priority like a normal job. When life gets too busy and people need you for things it’s hard to say “no, I blog during that time of day”. Or “No, I have a part time hobby”.

I have to tell you that I’d rather be blogging more often than less, but it seems that in an effort to busy myself during the long season of bad weather I have over committed my time a bit. It’s this time of year when I naturally, and to a fault, get really obsessed with the drury cold weather. To over-compensate I try and plan up all my time so I don’t have a moment of idleness to get depressed, and unfortunately I have a tendency to over-plan all year long. By the way it doesn’t help when it is so cold and dark outside- I feel so much more tired in the LONG winter and often just want to turn on the Bachelor at night and watch him get shirtless in the Caribbean. I know I’m not alone, I know there are lots of us out there that feel we are always running out of time and wishing for more (and also many of us who tune into the bachelor for a little shirtless in the Caribbean time). There is so much that we have to do, and for my self, so many things I want to do too! And don’t you just feel that January is the perfect time to start something new, a foreign language you have always wanted to learn, maybe a new skill like furniture refinishing or a little continuing education class?

At the moment I am functioning week to week and trying to prioritize as I go. What I mean to say is deciding between good, better, best. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially when I would love to be writing to you and hearing what you are thinking too. It brings me such delight to find comments on this blog, especially when I learn that it has been meaningful, helpful or provoked thoughts or changed minds or whatever! But I may have to post a little less often for a while.

Last week an acquaintance emailed me about a family new to the area who has been struggling with integrating in Swiss schools, I am the only person she knew who could help. Most of the expats families in the area have benefit packages that include international school (in English). I was happy to exchange emails and experiences, it is so exciting and somewhat therapeutic to be able to help people get through hard things that you have started to see a light through. This blog has, impart, given me those opportunities. I am also really proud of the record I have compiled over the past year. It is nice to be able to tell people about a place we have been or the paint I used for a piece of furniture and email them a link to the blog post. I am rambling… my point is that I miss you so much when I don’t have time to write but I want you to know that between a few other commitments I will squeeze in a post or two and let you know what I discovered about making authentic Swiss Fondue, and the recipe for the Sicilian Chicken rolls and stuffed artichokes, and where we are planning to go next (Paris!).  And above all I hope you know that I wish you were here with me chatting while I stir the risotto.

2 thoughts on “Am I Over-Scheduling to Avoid Seasonal Depression?

  1. I wish I were there too (warmly dressed though…b/c I’m so cold it seems…always) eating those delicious treats you mentioned above. You are a fabulous cook! I’m so glad to read that your blog will continue. I enjoy reading it, and yes, it is therapeutic to be able to talk to someone who totally understands what you are going through. I’m so glad you are able to help someone else. Sometimes, I think Heavenly Father allows for some trials to occur not as much for our benefit, but for a future contact who will need our help getting through their similar trial….and in the process, we all benefit. I totally disagree with the comment made my your friend about you not having a job….perhaps, you don’t have what the world deems as a conventional paying job, but you have one of the most important, self sacrificing, jobs a person can have….being a wife and a mother…let me tell you, that’s no easy task, and I know you know that! :). Never forget that. Other “paying” jobs will come and go, and as rewarding as they can be they will never be more important or rewarding as being a mom…a job that will never be lost…and you work hard at it. 🙂 love you, Hollee!

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