Annie Sloan Chair Class at Bateau Rouge

before-after.moxiblog.comOn Saturday I attended my long anticipated chair class. Knowing I had to leave the house early in the morning I hardly got any sleep the night before (don’t you hate it when you have a morning flight?!-)

rainbows always look better in person

The sunrise and early morning rainbow were my reward for an early start and good omen for the spectacular day that lay ahead! The directions for Bateau Rouge are a little tricky with a GPS. I was looking for a business or a warehouse, but was so surprised when I ended up at Vikki’s home. She lives in a beautiful OLD gated estate  just outside of Neuchatel. Her office, studio, and shop are all in the basement level of her stunning home- what a perfect way to live I thought, as I gazed over the garden and swimming pool.

Jessicas pillows stunning!

Here is a photo of Vikki’s sofa, don’t you just love those vintage french pillow? Get them Here!

When we arrived we chatted over a tea and all got to know each other a little while everyone trickled in. I suggest if you are going to host a class of any-kind, be sure to invite Jill from Rheinfelden- she bakes the best cookies!

tryptic- get startedEveryone put on old paint shirts and got down to business. First we were supposed to remove old upholstery before we arrived. Next pick our fabric and paint (this was the best part!) and then the real work began.

Jens chair in progressPainting a few coats before lunch while chatting-mostly about thriving in an expat life. Paint, Cookies, Advice…. could I ask for more?!

lovely lunch

dining room

Why yes, lunch! Our host/instructor Vicki prepared the worlds BEST (I’m not exaggerating- if I can procure the recipe I will share it) Veggie Lasagna. Having lunch with these amazing and inspiring ladies was such a treat. After apple crisp and chantilly cream served out of a tall crystal bowl, we marched back to the studio for the marathon finish.

table mate Isabells beautiful chair

This is Isabell, she is french, and she made a real french chair with a real vintage tar stamped grain sack! Tres magnifique!

as far as I got in chair class

My chair was overly ambitious for this class and for a single day. I was there until nearly 8pm, but I got the base done. My trim is on order so once I get that in the mail I will glue it on, I don’t think you can really tell from these photos.

chair after

Monday I spent the entire day making one blasted cushion!!! Don’t look too closely- its far from perfect! Piping AND a zipper?! This was a 10-piece pattern with no directions that I figured out by taking the cushion apart with a ripper. I am soooo proud of myself! I am however, dreading making one for the matching chair.

Is there such a thing as color regret? I am still a little unsure. I love the color, but don’t know about it for this chair. It certainly isn’t boring or dreary. What do you think? It would look great on a big Charleston Porch! If you are looking for a fun day, and a class on Annie Sloan Painting and fabrics, why not come on over to Switzerland and visit Vikki at Bateau Rouge.


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