Boo gets a birthday party invite

Boo started Swiss schule, he loves it! YAY! Kids in his class are nice.Whats not to love? 22.5 hours per week. 2 hour lunch breaks at home every day. 3 hours of sport per week. I few recesses. I class they call hausewerks- and the principal translated as home work. I thought at first it was study hall but found out it’s where they go to learn knitting and nailing holes in wood?! These are important life skills in Kantone Nidwalden. He is doing great at mathematics- it’s easy to do in any language? And he is practicing his cursive penmanship a lot. He also started 6 hours a week of intensive German classes ( paid for by the school) where he has one-on-one with special teacher. Hope this works!

One of the best parts of this first few weeks was receiving a birthday invite from one of the boys in class. Yes every one was invited, but that’s the point. They were kind enough to include my boy too! Look at this sweet homemade invitation! It gives me hope that Ennetburgen has kind families that are willing to welcome auslanders (outsiders) into their home. It made us so grateful for the kindness. Check out where they even translated into English- just for us!!!

In Boo’s own word~ this is what happens at a Swiss Birthday Party.

” Mostly a lot of games and tons of candy +cake. The sun was shining and we played soccer, with water guns, and kick the can, and “verstecken” hide and seek. There was a boy with a handicapped mind that I shared candy with. It made him happy. It made me feel good. I basically didn’t understand anything they said but my friends mom spoke English and she translated a lot for me. By the way I think I am too old for the code name BOO.”

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  1. I love this – how kind to write the English translation – even if you knew what it was saying it was a kind gesture.

    On language, a little girl in Jared’s kindergarten class started the year speaking only Spanish. (Not even hello!) By the end of the year she was mostly fluent. The children helped her learn English & befriended her without instruction & she seemed happy. I hope Boo has a wonderful experience. (Boo could be short for Boo-yah! ~ awesome at my house)

    • This so encouraging!!!! I know it will happen- it’s just hard to see the kids feeling frustrated and lonely in the mean time. He is doing well though, most of the time. At this moment he is on a hike in the forest with a large group of kids from school. The same mom who sent the invite organized a spot for him- she doesn’t know it yet, but she WILL be my friend forever:)

      • I read a book about a family who moved to Paris (Paris to the Moon?). The author said something about being able to speak the language after a while but that it always felt a little like swimming in Jello. I am so glad that the mom is being a friend to you – she WILL be your friend forever.

  2. Aww that’s awesome for Gabriel! I’m sure things will get better and better for him with time. He’s so young, he’ll pick up German in no time 😉
    HAH, I love that last sentence of his 🙂

  3. Isn’t it great to have kind people around you? What a great example that mother is for all of us. I bet if we look around, we can all find someone who might need a little extra love, a friend (especially one for life). What’s even greater is that The Lord puts these people in our paths…tender mercies…always present. I’m sure his German will pick up (it probably already has as I’m reading this backward). The girls have had kids in their classes from China and Turkey who could speak no English at the beginning if the year and by Christmas, they were speaking it pretty well! Kids learn quick like that. Ariel is in her 3rd year of German…she loves it, but only gets to practice with Mike’s mom in the summer. Thanks for including “Boo’s” description of the part too. I loved that! 🙂

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