Wirzwelli ~Rotobahn, Playground, Ice-Cream, Oh MY!


Wierszweli is a little area above the nearby village of Dallenwil.

hang glider 2

swiss farmer views

It’s specially targeted to families with winter-time activities like snowshoeing and lots of easy kid friendly ski areas. In the summer it’s playground, rotobahn (also called toboggan) and ice cream make it a virtual kid’s paradise. You can reach Wertzwelli by gondola except for the few weeks of early spring when all the ski resorts are under-construction in preparation for summer time activities. During that time Wirzwelli is still open for late spring snowshoeing and early spring hiking depending on how warm the weather has been and can be reached by a small bus that travels up the mountain. For details on how to get there by public transport check with the SBB. Or taking a car to the lift is also very easy and it usually has ample parking. Rates for the Gondola are:

  • Adults roundtrip is 21.60 chf (with halbtax  10.80)
  • Childern over 6 are 10.80 vhf (with Junior card free)

Gondola travels up daily – every 20 minutes at the following times:
07:40 -12:00 & 13:00 -18:20

wirzweli lift

When visiting Wirtzwelli our favorite thing is the playground and Rotobahn. Since the Rotobahn is kind of pricey and my kids would be happy to ride on it all day long, I have to buy a multi trip ticket for each of them and when its all used up we spend the rest of the time watching the bunny rabbits or playing at the “spielplatz”.


amanda and gabriel going up


rodobahn mom and soph2__There is a large “tree” house, a pine cone slide contraption, teeter-totters and slides and all the normal trappings of a good playground. There are large grilling areas if you prefer to picnic and a restaurant if you don’t want to worry about preparing and schleping the food. All swiss restaurants are both good and expensive so be prepared even if it masquerades as a casual little hole-in-the -wall, the prices are sure to be steep- thus the prevalence of the grills and picnic area everywhere in Switzerland. I can vouch for the ice cream sundaes they are a nice treat and big enough to share, but when you are finished you might just wish you had eaten it all by yourself. 

rotobahn madman

rotobahn madman



Trotti Bikes at Stockhutte

great pose

When we have a few hours for a fun adventure near our house we enjoy renting trotti bikes at Stockhutte. Stockhutte is a gondola that departs from Emmeten in Canton Nidwalden. You can drive there in about 15 minutes from our house and park in the small lot near the lift, or you can take the excellent public transportation from the post stop in Ennetburgen right up to the town of Emmeten. From there you must buy at Gondola ticket:

  • adults are 18 chf- with 1/2 tax 9chf
  • kids are 9 chf -with Junior Card Free

Take the lift up to the top and rent the trotti bikes at the station for 10chf each. I recommend sharing a bike with kids. In the photos below you can see that it’s a big board and there is plenty of room, plus the hand brakes can wear out little fingers and you certainly don’t want them to be with-out breaks! The road down to Emmeten is an easy downhill slope ( about 5 K long?) and you will be using breaks to slow down the whole time, especially to enjoy the amazing views! Axel is 9, he can ride alone (see photos) but he actually prefers to ride with me. I would say kids 12 and up can easily handle a trotti bike-bike board of their own.

axel in action

seivers trotti bikes 2_1

We like to take friends here because it’s a great activity for all ages, it’s not too expensive (by swiss standards) and it can take as little as a few hours (if your in a hurry) or you can pack a picnic (or eat at the restaurant on top of the mountain- its yummy) add in a hike or just let the kids play at the fantastic playground.

me and axel

The first time we did the trotti bikes was mid August and believe it or not- the temperatures were already cooling off. I suggest no matter what time a year, bring a:

  • Coat- with a hood, weather in Nidwalden is famously unpredictable and changes quickly.
  • Sunglasses- even if it’s cloudy, you will want to keep the wind from drying out your eyes and the bugs out too.
  • Gloves- can also be a good idea because your hands get cold- even if it’s warm outside.


axel smiling

small trotti bikes edith and ben best

trotti bikes edith and ben

trotti bikesThis is a great spring, summer, fall activity but in the winter the same road is used for the sledding so trotti bikes are unavailable in winter. Also important to note that Klewenalp and Stockhutte lifts close after ski season to prepare for summer. In the early spring it’s not uncommon to still have snow here, even when it seems hot in the valley. We were at Klewenalp last year on fathers day and after the picnic Sparticus and I relaxed in the warm sunshine while the kids played in a patch of snow! Plan for dry clothes and jackets.

  • Klewenalp is closed from March 31-May 28.
  • Stockhutte is close from March 31- May 16.


A playground Where Huckleberry Fin Meets King Arthur

spiel platz bridge

There is one very unique playground we love to visit called Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli. It’s design could be described as something like Huckleberry Finn meets king Arthur. It’s a sweet place to spend the day or just a few hours and is sure to inspire lots of imagination.

engleburg mountains

spiel platz sign

spiel platz slide

spiel platz bridge and rafts

huckleberry family

When we were last there I met the little old man who seemed to be the caretaker and he told me that he and his family built the playground many years ago and he still comes everyday to tidy up, check the equipment and lock up the park at night. The love that built this place is obvious from it’s fanciful design to its meticulous upkeep.


There is a wooden fortress with a rope suspension bridge stretched across a real moat. Of course there are also the normal trapping like swing sets and slides but my kids (AND Husband) seemed to gravitate toward the water. Bring swimsuits and dry clothes because the children are sure to want to get wet either swimming in the shallow pond or when having fun tipping rafts that are casually anchored at the shoreline (no charge) waiting for a new captain.

spiel platz grills

Like all the playground and recreation areas that I have seen-  there are picnic and grill places to eat and the firewood is provided. Because the park is privately funded, there is a donation box to help support its maintenance and to donate toward the firewood you may use.

huckleberry fin AXEL

If you are in the area (Engelberg) , you should definitely make a stop at Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli.

engleburg view2

Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli is open from sometime in the morning until sometime in the evening . The snow is usually melted by May and thru October.

Getting there:
Spielplatz Grotzenwäldli
6390 Engelberg
Tel. 041 637 15 58
There is some parking near by, but limited and be prepared to walk.  If you decide to take the senic train ride to Engleburg you can ask their about public transportation options, or enjoy the easy walk up to the park, roads are not usually high traffic and on a nice day the mountain views are stunning.

Brunni Mountain~ Kid Friendly Family Fun Day

cross mountain copy

I probably mentioned this before but every mountain top in Switzerland has one of these sweet crosses on top. I love to see them because when I am in these majestic locations, I too feel the presents and power of god deeply.

fram up on brunni

Last year during the last days of summer we spent an afternoon in Engelberg at Brunni. Its a beautiful mountain resort that host summer time biking/hiking paths, para-gliding, and a wealth of kids activities like a big playground, summer tobogan and special kids hikes with hidden clues along the way.

theme character for bruni

Can you tell that Axel is a little too old for this “live” kuschel tier (cuddle pet or stuffed animal in english). Globi is an animated swiss blue bird that is the mascot for brunni. He often makes appearances and passes out treats during busy days.

trampolin at bruni

climbing wall at bruni

We started at the playground, hiked for a few hours up to a tiny little restaurant for a treat (their strategic locations are perfectly coordinated with icecream cravings).

beautiful valley

little stone foundation

starting hike

There are many hiking trails in this area, we choose an easy one to do with the kids. You can find out details at the train station or the gondola lift where you buy tickets. Free maps are always available and sometimes even in English. If you need help with trail recommendations be sure to ask the people at the stations before you leave because they always seem to speak english and while I rarely meet someone who does not- it can happen. Better to know where you are going before you get lost in the mountains.

mountains views around bruni

sophia cute

In addition to strategically located restaurants, the benches and hand carved “thrones” are also in just the right spots to enjoy a break and a view!

more views

The views are stunning and the temperatures are cooler making it a perfect summer time excape from the humidity and warm teperatures down in the valley where we live. However warm it might be, I always recommend bringing along light rain-proof jackets and sunscreen. Because the weather is infamously unpredictable here in the mountain areas of Switzerland.

axel examination

A butterfly rode up the mountain on Axel’s hand for about a 1/2 hour. He comes prepared for these encounters with pockets full of tools too assist in examinations. In addition to wildlife encounters he also comes prepared to survive overnight or for weeks if he has too- this vest holds a lot of important stuff in those pockets!  (He misses cub scouts).

axels butterfly

summer flowers

After a long walk the kids were rewarded with toboggan rides before we headed home.

coco on rotobahn

I think this is a great day trip if you are looking for something to do in Engelberg.

****TIP: in case you want to go up the mountains between now and the end of may, Brunni is one of the few gondolas still open.

*****EASTER TIP- They will close for revision to summer during April 22 (just after Easter) until May 23 2014. And if you want to enjoy some kid friendly Easter festivities they have an Easter egg hunt with Globi (the blue bird) and Osterbrunch~ Easter brunch and end of season party including live traditional Swiss music:

April 20 and 21 in the restaurant Ristis.

From 9:30-11:30 there is a big brunch buffet for 44 chf per adult including the gondola ride round trip (discount for halbtax, junior card and children under 6 free).

11:30-  extended  buffet and including dessert for 55 chf per adult including the gondola ride round trip (discount for halbtax, junior card and children under 6 free).

Be sure to double check their web site for details.


Snowshoeing by the Light of the Moon

snowshoeingIf a brisk walk in the snow and a belly full of cheese is your idea of romance then this is a perfect date night in Switzerland. And if you are visiting Switzerland with out your sweetheart don’t let that be cause to miss out on one of my all time favorite winter sports!

The good news is that, depending on which mountain you visit, you do not have to be a winter Olympic athlete to enjoy a moonlight snowshoeing.  I did one in Sarnen at Langis-Glaugenberg (Freddy Glanzmann Sport) in January. Langis-Glaugenberg is a popular cross county ski area and a beautiful nature preserve. They host night time cross country skiing as well and the paths are marked with little red candle lit lanterns that add to the ambiance of the evening. You will get your heart rate up but you don’t have to be super fit to do it. We walked for a while, and then stopped for Glühwein, and then on to the restaurant for some Swiss Aelplermagrone.

Back in February, we booked a private walk on Valentines Day at the quaint little hiking area known as Niederrickenbach just above the little village of Dallenwil in Canton Nidwalden. Our private guild took us on a lovely walk straight up the mountain. This time it was a bit more fitness reliant, but we could handle the challenge. It was exciting to push the capability of the snowshoes to the limit. For a novice the snow shoes do not provide automatic reassurance but I will testify that they really work! I tested a steep down hill, icy areas, and even ran a little and it all works. Following the hike we visited the quaint little authentic Swiss restaurant for cheese fondue and apple strudel.

Tip 1: On the night of a full moon book early!

Tip 2: This is tricky… resist the instinct to over dress.

I have been pouring sweat both times I went. Intuitively you might think that preparing to sleep in the outdoors and planning for a blizzard seems like the safe thing to do but when I showed up for the evening last week our guide was only wearing a long sleeved shirt (yes, he was Swiss and maybe immune to cold) no hat – no gloves – no coat. If you are caught in an avalanche you’ll be in trouble but play the odds.

If you look at the full moon schedule you can find a snowshoe tour being promoted on nearly every mountain in the area. Here is a quick list of some of the ones I have *contacted:

Freddy Glanzmann Sportinfo@glanzmannsport.ch

Adventure Factory-  info@adventure-factory.ch

Trubsee- Titles- info@titlis-rent.ch


klewenalp-  info@klewenalp.ch

niederrickenback–  info@maria-rickenbach.ch

To book privately you can contact the gemeinde in the area for the mountain you want to hike.

*All the people I communicated with did so in English.



Snowshoeing by the Light of the Moon~ Friday roundup!


I found this image on a Swiss travel website- photographer unknown.
This is what snowshoeing around here looks like during the day light. I can hardly find a photo at night, I guess that’s because it’s a very difficult shot! But I can promise you that the scenery and experience is stunning by moonlight too!!!

This week I was invited to join a lovely group of moms from the International school here in Lucerne for a Moonlight snowshoe hike and dinner. We were a group of 6: 3 Americans, 2 from Denmark, and 1 from the Netherlands. What an awesome experience! I can’t recommend it highly enough. It might have been one of my all time favorite original Swiss experiences. We even got to crawl into a small igloo for 2 and stopped along the way for hot drinks by a campfire. Later we had a very authentically Swiss meal fo Alpermagronen, which is a lot like mac and cheese with potatoes added and delicious fried onion bits on top, traditionally served with applesauce. And can I tell you that after a brisk and exhilarating evening walk, we all worked up an appetite! I hear this is offered at several mountain tops in our area- but we went to Sarnen, get more info here.

I haven’t had a Friday roundup in a while, so I hope this one satisfies your new years cravings for fresh ideas, ways to support your resolutions and tickle your travel taste-buds!

1. There are lots of right ways to raise children.

2. This might help in those seasonal orginizational task

3. This is Divine! Aren’t you just craving color this time of year?

4. I know this is making FB rounds but it is just so funny- especially at the end. I couldn’t resist!

5. I LOVED this Ted EX talk from amy cuddy! I hope it gives you some added confidence too!

6. I used to tell everyone NOT to visit Europe in the winter because I thought everyone hated cold weather like I do. However, with the discovery of this snowshoeing experience, coupled with the extrodinary sledding and a chance I might actually try skiing- I guess this place is a winter paradise. Check out the great deal to stop and see Iceland on your way here!

This weekend my Girlfriend Annie Valentine comes for a visit, the kids have there 2nd class in ski school, we will be busy! How are you celebrating the long weekend? I know in the states its MLK on Monday and here we have St. Antoni Day Today.

Seeing Leonardo in Milan

seeing Leonardo

First thing you need to know about visiting Milan’s city center is: park your car and take the public transportation. I found this blog post to be pretty helpful if you need info on the Metro. You can purchase tickets for busses, trams and the metro at tobacco shops and kiosk that always seem to be strategically located near stops. Since my kids haven’t had much experience with metros they were really excited to ride it. They declared this to be “the best part of the day“! The metro system in Milan is excellent. The map is easy to understand and often when searching for directions to a destination the metro stop is referenced. However there are large maps of the city at every metro stop and you can look up the street and determine what stop is nearest by. We found that the Italians were always very friendly, kind and eager to be helpful even if they did not always speak English. We bought day passes everyday because we had multiple stops and it was most economical. Coco was always free- she is 4, but the lady at the Kiosk said it was determined by height and our son was too tall to ride for free- he is 9. We spent about 20 Euros a day on transportation for the whole family, which is cheaper than parking and a WHOLE LOT LESS STRESSFUL!

tabacco shop

These kiosk shops are locate all over the city and inside the metro stations as well, buy your tickets here!

The second thing is squeeze in a visit to one of Milan’s many Museums. We choose to visit the highly recommended National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci because I was told that it was the best with kids. In fact if you (your kids) speak Italian you can participate in the hands-on-workshops scheduled through out the day. If the children happen to be very young you will be attending with them and can probably limp your way through with English (especially if the teacher speaks English:)). The younger kids usually make hot air balloon replicas with tape cardboard and balloons, but the older kids have opportunities in a lab style setting to do all kids of more complicate science and technology workshops- I think they probably need Italian language skills to understand.

tryptic huge boat in the museam

train catching and beautiful ceiling

gabriel not cooperating- again

Why can’t every one pay attention and look at the camera!?

group in front of big model!

This was a giant model ship with millions of strings- gorgeous!


model ships

these are about a foot long and are such beautiful works of art!

love this model with all flags!-2

We spend many hours walking through the exhibits and still only saw a portion of the museum. There were entire warehouse style buildings housing locomotives, and my favorite area was home to a full sized wooden ship, lots of model ships, and airplanes of all sizes. The kids really liked the transportation portion but we explored areas about recycling, engineering, plastics, communications, and of course the Leonardo da Vinci drawings with replicas. This was primarily a long hall with images of his drawings hung with explanations and presented with models of the inventions. It was quite interesting and beautiful and I can help but have a greater admiration for this amazing Renaissance man.

Leonardo boat replica 1-detail

Leonardo replica 1-detail

Leonardo replica 1

I loved practicing some photography skills that I had just learned in my photo class while trying to capture beautiful old mechanisms from early machines- particularly clocks. The insides of these things are just a beautiful as the outsides- but the dim lighting was a challenge and in most of the museum we were not allowed to use a flash. So I really had to use my newly acquired knowledge of the camera to shoot manually. They turned our so lovely I might have to print a few and use them for a decoration.

tyriptic.tech museum dials 6

At the end of the museum is a gift shop. It is full of some expensive treasures and good learning toys- all of which you can purchase in the states. They also have a great little play area where the kids got to do some building of their own and chill out for a while.

funny face- long day

One last thing to mention- this is an important one if you travel with little people. I have talked about public bathrooms before- its a bit of a pet peeve in France and Italy, but It is worth mentioning that you should always carry tissue and wipes with you in case you need to use the facilities. If you are lucky enough to find a toilet, and even luckier it is also more than a hole in the ground, it will not likely have toilet tissue, or soap. Many of the metro stops have bathrooms- it is the best place to look for a public toilet.

Have you been to Milan? Why did you choose it as a travel destination? Do you have a kid friendly recommendation in Northern Italy? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!

Have you heard of Home Exchange?

A few years back on my old blog I wrote a little post about home exchange. It was an idea made more mainstream by the movie The Holiday with Cameron Diaz-

Last time I was living in Europe and enjoying my stunning views, central location and comfy modern flat, I began to think about how to stretch my vacation budget to enjoy seeing more of the world. I also wanted to share all the goodness I was experiencing and didn’t have much company come from the states, so I signed up for a home exchange website offering to swap homes or host people in exchange for the same benefit in their location. We had a great experience- and then our stint in Europe was over and we were living back in the states, having babies, building houses, too busy for long vacations. I just never really pursued  it anymore.

But now that we are back in Europe I signed up as soon as we bought a sofa. We didn’t have any luck finding an exchange last summer in the South of France. I think most Europeans seem to plan their holidays a year in advance?! However in mid December some last minute Italians contacted me from Milan and proposed a swap. Spartacus was off work at New Years and perhaps the post-Christmas sales in Milan would be worth a drive? I grew up knowing very little about European history. This is a disadvantage when touring Europe. I believe it’s true for most Americans*** (history majors, international studies majors aside), we are lucky to get the highlights in a western civilization class. Usually that includes a little something about the Italians (Roman Empire ring any bells?). We grow up admiring (sort of worshiping) Italian culture, the beautiful people, the food, pictures of the countryside, their effortless style, those accents- mama mia! So basically anytime I get a chance to go to Italy the answer is yes! We agreed and began exchanging emails about things to do in our prospective areas. The swap went fine and we arrived in Milan to a clean comfortable flat near the center of the city.


Milan is a juxtaposition of modern and ancient at every-turn- maybe this is true for all of Europe. Here you see the “time-square-esque screen hanging off the Duomo cathedral scaffolding. Our guide said she has never seen the Cathedral free of scaffolding as they are constantly cleaning or making repairs.

Last week Milan was wet and cold, we made the best of it everyday and walked through the bad weather like soldiers. On our first day we hit the shops and realized that the big sales started on the day we were scheduled to leave. I exchanged emails with our host family and proposed and extension- they countered with a better idea:  we stay and they come home as scheduled and have dinner with us, spending the night in the apartment above us which belonged to The mother-in-law.What an exciting opportunity! Sales and a culinary class on Italian artichokes in one day!?! Can I tell you that this was the absolute best part of the trip!

milan tryptic

Duomo, Scalla ticket (unfortunately we did not go to the opera- just toured the famous theater), part of the covered street known as the “gallery- worlds oldest shopping mall”- isn’t the glass ceiling beautiful?!

We got some good deals on cute fall clothes for next year, that will likely get used all year, since the weather in Switzerland accommodates for long sleeves and jeans most of the time. We enjoyed learning about the history, seeing the local landmarks, and taste-testing our way through the pastry shops. The kids liked the Metro and The Science and Technology Museum (more on that later). But the best part was the last evening when we all cooked and ate and chatted and shared our culture and history and friendship. Its an amazing, magical and strange kinda thing to meet someone and hours later feel as though you’ve know each other for much longer- it’s only happened to me a few times in my life and I suspect many people are lucky to ever feel those kind of connections.

All week I have been talking about our exchange and the good fortune of meeting are new friends. Most people seem fascinated at the idea but of the opinion that it’s not for them? I guess I understand their reluctance- their are risk involved. For us though it is worth it, especially because I just experienced something sooo good! I mean the swap itself is a great way to save money and stay somewhere really comfortable, but to meet new friends is such a bonus and to share local tips enhances and simplifies the the travel experience. A real Italian family shared vacation tips to “little known” Italian islands and quite sea-side villages, they shared artichoke preparation and recipes that have been cooked in the family for generations. Where else are you going to get this kind of authentic, and genuine experience? Silvia is a gallery owner and mom to their sweet little boy. Claudio is an architect/artist– a very good one. We watched him with complete awe instantly sketch perfect drawings with the kids and diagrams and maps for us.

scetch in pen- WOW!!!

son painting

I am really happy we met their family. They are so open and willing to embrace friendship and opportunity instantly. Life can be such a pleasure!!!

When we arrived back at are sparkly clean flat, we discovered a welcome 3 foot tall puss-in-boots welcome home sign on the wipe-off-board, and this waiting to be devoured!

choc bannana cake


Would you do a holiday swap? Where would you want to go? If not, what about the process is a turn-off? I would love your opinions- dying to hear why most people don’t do it?!

*** DISCLAIMER- I know mass generalizations have been applied, I am aware that the American school system churns our many great minds every year. After all, It has provided me a whole brain full of genius-ness. I know there are even smarter people than myself who have enjoyed the luxury of travel and have studied the worlds cultures at a young age;  I am sure they know all about the bust in the lobby of the Scalla Theater or the multicultural rulers of the Milan Dukedom for centuries… but I didn’t and most people who read this blog don’t either.

2014 Entrepreneurial Idea #1

pastries milan Italy

We are on vacation in Milan- MILAN ITALY. The weather isn’t great which is typical for Europe. We spent the day walking to a market, taste testing pastries from various bakeries, sipping and dunking thick delicious hot chocolate, lunching on pizza and soda pop, riding metros, and combing through local sites. We picked up a little Italian but mostly learned how to ask “do you speak English”? Spartacus and I are loving Milan. The children we live with are doing a lot of complaining. I am feeling like we are spoiling our kids too much,  if only I had the guts to….

2014 Entrepreneurial Idea #1:

Open a children’s work camp at tourist destinations all over the world. Parents can check the kids in and enjoy their vacation whilst the kids are worked and fed porridge during the duration of the stay.

I would pick up my kids and they would appreciate me more, learn to work, and eat what ever I make with more gratitude, and I will have had a great vacation. I would be willing to pay good money for this service and I think a lot of other parents of spoiled children would too.

On a side note, look how beautifully the sales clerk wrapped the pastries I ordered, they really are a gift!

pastries wrappedExcept for the cannoli’s, I had no idea what I was ordering. I pointed at this and that and she packaged it up with a smile- she must have know this was a good remedy for a long, cold, rainy day with whiny children. The orang-ish club shaped one and the chocolate mountain shaped one are spiked with something alcoholic. I have been promised by several friends that if I enjoyed these more often, with additional glasses of wine or shots of tequila I would most certainly enjoy the company of my children, or at least not notice their complaining as much.

Happy New Year in Luzern


city scape

Happy New Year friends all around the world! I wanted to share some photos of our lovely city. I don’t often have a chance to wander like a tourist
but our fair-city deserves as many photos as I can take.


view toward the NATIONAL


de balences view

jesuit church_1

capell bridge 2

another great view

new bridge view of gutsch

christmas windows


Lovely Christmas trinkets can be purchased on the Chapel Bridge for a premium. For a larger selection check out Casa Grande just off Swanenplatz.

christmas trinkets

christmas trinkets 2

My best tip of the day is to find the phone booth in Swannen Platz and let the kids warm up inside- as a side note its a great place to put a toddler whose having a melt down- you can see them in the glass, but they are slightly quieter behind the glass.

 kids locked into phone booth