Judy Verhoeven

neighborhood-watch1Judy Verhoeven is a personal role model. I have had the chance to meet her at several events around Greenville many years ago when we lived there. I got to talk to her about her work, her career and about staying home to take care of her son. She encouraged me in so many ways and really emphasized the importance of a time and season for everything in life.

our-town-print-31Judy uses a comprehensive collection of found papers which she paints, stains and textures as her palette. It is with this media that she “paints” her collages. Her work is meant to project acceptance, love, peacefulness, tolerance and gratitude. She was a graphic designer for 10 years, then a stay-at-home homeschooling mom for the next 10 years.

owl-do-great-thingsI hope she gets to spend the rest of her life creating the art work that makes her and us happy. Happy is one of the best descriptions that classify her work. It is typically colorful and happy, and much of it shows her scene of humor. After all what mom wouldn’t recognize GO Dog GO! – I read that book to Axel a billion times!!!


blue-bird-with-tiny-heart blue-eggs-with-bird-nest1

I love the mixed media and the folk art influences in her work and subject matter. It makes me feel a little closer to home when I see the chickens or the old houses with big front porches.



Miss-Vincent-brave-cow-darker1Since 2006 Judy has been developing her technique and direction as a collage artist. She lives in Greenville, SC with her husband, son and two dogs.




You might find Judy here at her blog,

Or find her at facebook

or at her ArtBomb Studio

 But the best way is by appointment. .

Joseph Bradley

_MG_6780_LowResIn Greenville South Carolina on the first Friday of the month the art studios all over town stay open late. Open studios is the perfect way to spend a date night, and spot some fantastic Southern artist at work. The Pendleton art district attracts a variety of artist to this revitalized quarter sandwiched at the West End between Augusta Road and Downtown.    OwlTriptychwhite I have seen this owl triptych in the studio and it was so much more stunning in real life, I think because the metallic leaf is an unexpected and rather abrupt contrast to the hand drawn, sketched, quality of the wildlife. And perhaps because the colors are less contrasting than many of the other pieces that I chosen to feature, it has a very elegant, quite, refinement that I admire and would love to hang in my home.

_MG_9542_LowResI am wild about triptychs and the birds in the deer antlers is no exception



One such South Carolina native is Joseph Bradley a nationally known artist showing work in the largest US cities, but choosing to live and create in Greenville. I suspect he would understand why I still miss living there too. I don’t claim to know him, but we have spoken and I admire his work so that practically makes us tight.


On his web site I found a cool explanation about what drove him to become an artist, maybe what helped him realize he had the courage to become an artist. “”I grew up in a old ramshackle farm house in the upstate of SC in a tight knit family.  Honestly, I never thought I would grow up to be an artist.  An experience during my internship in college changed my trajectory:  I was held up in a bank robbery.  Even though that event was traumatic, I was forced to evaluate what energized me and subsequently migrated a great deal of scattered ambitions into being a visual artist.”

_MG_4084_LowResA cool fact about his work~ It has been sold in Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters!


He sells these small mixed media pieces for very reasonable prices because they are originals that are printed on block and then the metallic leaf is hand applied individually. Go check out his studio, located at 1211 Pendleton St, Greenville, SC 29611

Free typefaces

So I am in deep with projects for the next few weeks. Stuff has to get done ya’ll! Which might mean you’ll be hearing from me a little less often. Today I am trying to work on my niece’s wedding invite. She is a southern girl with a cool bohemian, vintage, coastal vibe. I am trying to capture her vision of the event and keep it casual on a budget (like zero). We both adore all the popular handwritten type that is popular at the moment. I ran across these Freebies this morning and thought I would share.




Go Here, click on the “get archive access to freebies and downloads”, and all you have to do is register.

This post is about creating a “Fake” calligraphy look with hand lettering. In the archives she provides links to TWO free fonts, the Fancy and the Emily. This post is about creating your own typeface, wouldn’t that be cool?

So go register at the website and enjoy the typefaces- they’re free!

Webster Chalk Paint Powder winners announced and Friday Roundup

ellin dobs painting.moxiblog.com

I thought it would be fun to just announce winners and do a Friday round up of STUFF this week.

Thanks for your comments this week, it is so fun to hear feedback and discover when someone is actually reading these post! So here is the winners:

  1. Monday: Jana
  2. Tuesday: Madna
  3. Wednesday: Jeannie
  4. Thursday: Brenda

I will contact ya’ll over the weekend for your mailing address!

And now here’s the round-up of impressionable stuff for the week:

  • Wow this is supper unsettling, a little terrifying and selfishly I am disappointed to have to give up our traditional Crab-leg Christmas Feast.
  •  Feeling the weather cool just a little instantly puts me in the mood for Glamping! What Glamping? Here’s everything you need to know.
  •  I found this on Pinterest- it just might change my life, or at least I will save $ on waisted avocados.
  • Cooler weather makes me want to shop for a new wardrobe. I am dying of this jacket- wish I could buy for Coco. Oilily always has to-die-for fashions in happy colors.
  • Discovered the brand Blutgswester at a little boutique in the city- German Genius, love the color, love the coordinating separates.
  • Getting ready for soup weather
  • I made this for the first time last September~ it is delicious!
  • What about the image above? I wish I could buy it for our bedroom, I miss the ocean. I think I will just have to paint one for myself.

Enjoy your weekend and come back monday. xo

Open Air Kino- LAST CHANCE


Ok, so how did I miss this little treasure the last time we lived here (9 years ago)?! How have I almost missed it this summer?! Good news, there is one more weekend to catch the fun at Luzern’s Open Air Kino.

A lovely group of new friends and I attended The Great Gatsby on Saturday night. I was so impressed with the setup. It is a summertime temporary venue (because no one watches movies in the freezing cold rain and snow).


There are dining areas for the catering- and a wide variety of cuisine on the menu- Asian to Texmex believe it or not. Food prices were pretty normal and while I did not eat the food looked really delicious and fresh. Drink prices were a little high- Apfel schorle was 6chf.

Come early for good seats, every one else does too and and surprisingly no one minds you leaving stuff to save-your-seat. We used blankets which came in really handy on Saturday night as our summertime weather seems to be coming to an end. I saw other people marking seats with names written on paper and taped to the seat. They had a lot of cute SWAG too. Free packets of tissues before the show (although Gatsby story does not make me cry, just hungry for justice and a happy ending) and after the show, free boxes of tiramisu and lollipops! It is like no movie theater experience I grew up with and with the back drop of lake luzern, and palm-trees strung with little white lights, It felt like a special occasion (perfect for a Date-Night, or in our case- Girls Night!).

open air kino.moxiblog.com

Our movie ran 142 minutes (plus intermission~(an abrupt stopping of the movie at about mid-way)) and didn’t start until 9:30, so after walking to the car, and dropping off friends, I did not get home until 1:00 am, I felt like a real (tired) party animal, especially the next morning! But, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

Next Sunday is the last show and it is in ENGLISH!!!


Get your ticket here.

Get tickets ahead so you wont have to stand in the LONG LINE!

Open Air Kino:

6005 Lucerne


wedding stationary gone digital

V+J . Save the Date from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

As a print designer I love paper and graphic design. I love the feel, the smell, I could almost eat it. It’s part of why I loved working at sideshow press  letterpress company back in Charleston SC. That said, don’t you just love video invites and save the date’s? They are awesome! I have seen beautiful recordings of engagements and weddings, but check out this adorable couple and their save-the-date. (Yes that’s my beautiful niece pixie).

Italian Inspiration // 2013 from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

I couldn’t help showing this Italian wedding video, così romantico.

This particular artist, Nathan Pickett, does a great job with these videos, but not only does he do poignant engagement videos and digital invites but also does really sweet mothers day cards! This will make you love him even more.

Happy Mother’s Day Sweetheart from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

a slice of invite from Jodi Miller on Vimeo.

Here is just one more cute example from an artist named Jodi Miller.

Is a digital invite worth considering? In this digital era and with the digital generation and mobile lifestyles it seems like an email invitation or announcement would be a good way of reaching your friends and family. I know my address changed 6 times in the last 18 months!  What do you think?

Awesome Aerobics class in ENGLISH

2013-06-20 10.46.19

Does it look like everyone is taking a nap? It’s deceiving!

For an Engish speaker living near Lucerne but over in Kanton Nidwalden sometimes finding services in English  is slightly more challenging. I was delighted to discover Lynn Harrison offers an aerobics class once a week at the Hergiswill Loppersaal~Thursdays at 10:00 am. Parking for the Loppersaal is free for the first hour but since the class is an hour and it takes a few minutes (I plan for 5) to walk over to the gymnasium and down the steps to the aerobics room, I always pay for an extra bit of time on the meter (which is located inside the stair case).

TIP: If you have never been there befor I would suggest contacting Lynn (lharrison@phvr.com) before you go so that she can meet you or arrange for someone else to as it can be confusing directions with out a guide.

Lynn is a long time resident of Switzerland originally from England. Her class is fun and changes weekly. She provides all the equipment and a routine that will challenge you and motivate too. The regular group of ladies are a friendly international mix primarily made up of British Expats and other friendly English speakers. It’s also a great place to meet new friends as everyone has a good time and learns to laugh at our-selves a little every class. The cost of the class is a bargain at 10chf ! Start planning now for you fall schedule line up- new classes start again after summer vacation and follow the school schedule for breaks. I love that I can come (and pay) when my schedule allows, and do not have to commit to many months at a time. However after attending for 6 weeks I only wish Lynn would teach more classes every week. Hope to see you there!

Dolan Geiman

I first discovered Dolan Gieman’s work at the Artisphere in Greenville SC, oh how I love ( and miss) that show!

Dolan’s is a self described “contemporary art with a southern twist”.

The love birds might just be my favorite- I love the birds and they are painted my favorite colors!

His website says that “His Chicago studio has come to resemble a life-size cabinet of Southern curiosities, not too dissimilar from the abandoned homesteads of his native Virginia where he has collected, or rescued, many treasures. Scraps from old textbooks and nature magazines, handwritten civil war love letters, metal ornaments, wooden nickels and other discarded ephemera find their way into his work; each item stirs nostalgia for a not-too-distant, more rural time and place Geiman identifies as home.”.



I so dig anything resembling Mexican sugar skulls! So these new collage portraits are beautiful.

An Artist AND a PICKER ya’ll?!!? Dreamy right!?I just love these deer trophies.

I love his part-collage/ part-woodwork/ all-cool approach to his work. You can check him out here, here, and here.

Online grocery shopping is a life changer!

I am not even joking ya’ll!

I am not being paid a cent to tell you about this amazing deal. I think all the Harris Teeters (all the one’s I have shopped at locally) offer online grocery shopping. It’s super easy to use- seriously- and the best part is that I actually save money. I sign up for the monthly unlimited service, It’s $14.95. I shop every other day practically and all I have to do is drive up to a little speaker in the front of the store, press a button, and my groceries hop into the car and a supper friendly grocery clerk brings (supper yummy -not exaggerating) sugar cookies to my car along with my bill. They swipe my card and I am on my way. I don’t buy naughty junk food, I don’t buy anything I don’t need, I don’t buy stuff to pacify my children, I don’t have to pacify my children (they are being fed a free cookie just for sitting in the car). I don’t waist time, and BTW- I am able to compare prices instantly with-out kids pulling on me or dismantling a display. Every time I type in a product it shows all available and the ones on sale are highlighted in red. So if I type in eggs, the sale eggs are obvious and easy to find. I spend less money and time and that makes me HAPPY! Oh, and Rhonda the express lane manager is soooo nice! She writes personal thank you notes to her customers, she always remembers my name and never forgets to deliver cookies to the kids (and usually me).

So I am excited to tell you that this week TRY ONLINE SHOPPING FOR FREE!

That’s right!  As a special offer, they are automatically waiving the $4.95 fee (one time shopping not monthly unlimited) on ALL pickup orders $25.00 or more between 2/27/13 and 3/05/13. 

Signed up for our monthly fee?  That’s okay.  An additional $4.95 will be deducted from your order during these dates if you spend at least $25.00 per order.  So not only do you not pay the fee, you get $4.95 back!

South Carolina Aquarium & Taco Boy

I usually get to brag about the weather here in Charleston but I think February has cured me of that. It seems like we have had enough rain to last all year. For the first time in forever we arrived at Saturday morning with a (long overdue) afternoon absent a massive to-do list. It felt great to announce to the kids that we were headed downtown to the South Carolina Aquarium (expensive- look for coupons- they are out there!) and out to lunch. The kids were like “who are you and what have you done with our parents”? We had a great time and an hour or so into our aquarium visit someone pulled the fire-alarm and the whole place had to be evacuated out into the rain storm. My husband and I found it serendipitous as we were feeling a little peckish and were ready for Toco Boy (more on that later).

Never fear, tickets are good all day so after eating too much and dreaming of a siesta in the sunshine of the Baja Peninsula, we marched back through the rain and spent the rest of the afternoon in the aquarium.


  • For the aquarium visit~ I think you should plan 2-4 hours with a fire alarm/lunch break in the middle.
  • The special presentation schedule probably changes but we were able to catch the 3:00 diver show (diver goes into giant tank and narrates exhibit) and the 4:00 Animal show (they had a live tiny owl for the kids to see and discussed natural habitats and conservation). These were the perfect breaks for mom and dad and my children loved them and learned a lot. So in the front next to admission there is a digital display with the daily schedule~ it’s worth checking out.
  • Toco Boy is my favorite Mexican joint in Charleston – so far. I loved the Guacamole, Taco Al Pastor (Thinly shaved spit-fire pork, roasted pineapple salsa & pickled red onion), and the Mexican street corn.
  • Charleston (the peninsula) is over-run with fried chicken and southern/soul food fusion restaurants, but good ethnic food is terribly under-represented (don’t send hate mail).
  • The South Carolina Aquarium and lunch are a perfect way to kill a rainy Saturday!