Coco cut her own hair among other things

some of the beautiful hair

Well, it finally happened. Coco cut her own hair. We put her to bed on Friday night and I guess she just had to get into a little more mischief.

writing on door

You see all week I have been lecturing her on “writing on paper”. One morning this week I was doing laundry in the basement and Spartacus and Axel left for school and work. She was not interested in joining me to help, I now suspect that she had mischief in mind. She kissed the boys goodbye and promptly found the only real permanent marker in the house. When I say permanent I don’t mean sharpie permanent, I mean REALLY permanent. There was maybe a five minute window of opportunity to trace the removable adhesive princess letters on the back of her door; she made short work of it. She was proud of it too, because I walked up stairs and she showed me what she had done. In her defense, we have been working hard on learning letters for a few months. We are trying to compensate for the lack of a curriculum oriented preschool program and we have been TRACING a lot of alphabet letters, putting together alphabet puzzles, cutting out our letters, reading alphabet books and playing alphabet apps. this one looks like practicing name

likes K

(Side note, I know I am not supposed to compare, but Axel was reading when he was 4, and since she is 4 years and 3 months I figure we have about 9 months to go before we are behind schedule.) The fact that the marker was permanent must have been a complete accident… because If I had wanted to find a permanent marker on any given day (prior to last week, because now they have a new home way up high on a shelf where no little people can spot them) I would be searching for an hour. Murphy’s Law!

hard to see new layersYou can see in the photo below that it looks like a mullet on one side;
YIKES that’s not the kinda southern girls we are!

new layers- mullet_

So on Saturday morning at 7:00 am, I repeat 7:00am, (I want to remember these days because people keep telling me it doesn’t last forever and before I know it we will be dragging them out of bed at noon) when I sleepily blinked my eyes and thought I noticed her hair looked different as she complained of hunger pains.  I was too tired and grouchy to follow up with a closer examination. However after breakfast and packing for the hiking weekend, I started brushing her hair and almost fell into a heap of hysterical tears. I quickly extract a confession, she showed me the scene of the crime and I collected up the evidence in a little bag (kinda like Carrie on Homeland) to be saved for me to mourn and her to appreciate when she is older. Eventually she will be dealing with the same thing from her fine-slow-hair-growing, four-year-old. My friends back home may remember that I have been obsessing a little about her hair for, well, years now. I loved when at like age 2, I could finally put it into cute little antennae pig tails with ribbons. I remember at 3 taking her to gymnastics and feeling excited to finally be able to get it into a french braid, while watching with envy some of the other little girls flaunt their long thick manes like Claudia Schrieffer. And, mind you, I have thick, short, very short hair. It’s only because she insist on having long hair that I haven’t cut it sooner. Because the thin fine hair would have probably looked a lot better in a short bob a year ago. But now, now that we finally got over the hump, or the shoulders to be precise, I love used to love blow drying it straight and long or braiding beautiful dutch crown braids with ribbons. But doesn’t everyone deep down fantasize about being a hairstylist? Especially kids from age 3-5?

We have an appointment with a professional today, you will be seeing coco’s make-over in the upcoming weeks – my fingers are crossed.

6 thoughts on “Coco cut her own hair among other things

  1. Thank you for letting me be a part of this journal worthy event. I can relate as a mother and grandmother. I have witnessed this reckless, disregard by daughters and granddaughters for their beautiful flounces. Oh, I also have first hand experience with older sons shearing the head of a younger brother. What is it with hair?

  2. LOL! Business in the front, party in the back!!
    I never cut my own hair, but I did hide behind the curtains and let my big bro cut it for me! He also cut his off *at the hairline* all the way across his forehead! So, it could be worse. ; )

  3. I’m laughing too! Just be glad that she cut HER OWN hair and not YOURS! When Cecily was 3, she and Ariel was doing a craft project that involved cutting things out with scissors. Well, my sweet Cecily, out if the blue, came up behind me as I was sitting) and cut a chunk, yes chunk out of the back of my hair. I was totally not expecting her to do that! She got in BIG trouble for that and list all scissor privileges! She never once cut her hair though. I laugh now, but not so funny then…and no I didn’t save my lock of hair. Lol

    • This was too funy- yes if anyone decides to cut my hair it would be horrible-I hardly have any to spare! Thanks for your comments- they are always a bright spot in my day- My dear dedicated reader!!!

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