Coco Swims

While we were on Vacation a few weeks ago Coco taught herself to swim. Actually she had been working on it diligently the summer befor we left Charleston but we keep putting her “turtle suit” on (rather un-attractive green one piece floatation suit) when ever we are getting into the water. When we were packing up it was cold and raining in Switzerland and most of Europe and I just figure the only time she would need her swim suit was in the hot tub and wearing the turtle suit in the hot tub certainly isn’t fashionable. As it turns out, the ship has an indoor heated saltwater pool (oooo lala) so Sparticus took her in and determined, she just started swimming. How lucky are we? In all honesty (don’t hate me for what I am about to tell you) potty training was sort of the same… for both kids… right about 2 years old. I guess we hit the lottery on somethings, and lets just say, we are still working on others.

inner voice: “Focus on the good, Focus on the good.”

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