Day ONE Sideshow Press

Sideshow Press at Martha Stewart Weddings

On my bucket list is a long held desire to learn the art of Letterpress printing. I have been stalking SIDESHOW PRESS since we learned that Spartacus would be transferred to Charleston SC. I have sent them flattering email and inquired about their interest in hosting educational workshops. Finally a few months ago I decided not to wait till I actually had nothing else to do, I just decided to make the time for some personal enrichment. Do you ever get that way? I wanted to check something off MY list. I dropped off the kids at school, abandon my housework, fixed my hair and drove into town. I worked up my courage, rehearsed my speech and marched up to the door. Only to discover the hours were by appointment only, I would be reduced to a telephone call- what a waist of a hairdo! I telephoned while still standing in front of the store front in case I lost my courage later. I left a voice mail that I hoped would tease them into a return phone call- I promised lots of enthusiastic slave labor in return for the opportunity to hang around and learn the art, and I sprinkled the voice mail with more compliments.

I was over-the-moon when Virginia (Sideshow Press queen bee) called back and asked to meet. After a nice face to face and some shuffling of schedules I started my first day at SIDESHOW PRESS and I wanted to tell you all about it. I got to run the press for a while and print the first plate of a 2 color – 2 sided wedding invitation. It was awesome and beautiful! I didn’t take photos – didn’t want to ruin the surprises for the client, but I did take some photos of the silk I spent an hour cutting. It may seem boring but wait till you see what we are making!!!!

Check out Sideshow Press on the Today Show, Martha Stewart Weddings, and you can spot them in the latest issue of THE KNOT!

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