Early days still

that’s a snail on my rock

Okay let me first say, thank you for all the sweet comments!!! Many voices from back home and big cheerleaders! I am so glad I didn’t get hate-mail telling me to quit whining about things not working the same as in America and how hard it is to spend loads for money at once here! Because after reading the post again – and reading between the lines- I reckon it sounded a little whinny.

I must warn you… this might sound a little whinny too- but its what happened, and it’s how I felt so I want to remember the reality

Now to fill you in a little more on the last few weeks, I won’t give you the daily blow by blow but I did write every day and I really do feel bi-polar. I remember in these last few weeks that I have made a conscious effort to look for the positives and to try and focus on opportunities to see things differently, to adjust, and to make life here successful by changing my attitude or the way I do things. Sounds nice, not working all that great yet, but its bound to smooth out and before long I hope we can be really enjoying it more.

Finally one more preface…. after a few years on Ambien- again (I quite for a while and then got on it again after Sophia was born), I am proud to say that I quit (again)! I figured I would probably never feel more tired and thus what better time to just get off it!?!? SO some of my moodiness and outlook may have been due in part to with drawl from my best drug of choice – a perfect night sleep! I can now get to sleep but, I miss a perfect night sleep, and probably always will. It is however, nice to be drug free at the moment! So that’s pharmaceutical dependence confession- out of the way!

This is a peek into our laundry room. It’s in the basement of our building. Every week we hang our wet laundry on lines and there is a machine that automatically de-humidifies the room- which dries our laundry.

Here you go- a peek into our life for the past few weeks:

4-12 /Friday- Still no permit. Disappointed. Renting van again, car shopping, brocken haus- GREAT FIND, Dave goes car shopping. Not very productive, still unsure about which car?

4-13 /Saturday- Sun is shining- weather is stunning. You can never be up and out the door too early in Switzerland. They are a country of early risers  and early closers. Kris takes Dave & G car shopping. Jagna Sophia and I go to “rummage sale” at hotel in Engelberg. I bought a few chairs, kitchen nick-nacks, a kids patio chair set, and FONDU pot. I am not Swiss yet, but now we are officially on our way to being a proper Swiss family! Dave found a car! VW wagon- very much like my Volvo. Ikea hear we come! Ikea has let me down, storage bins I needed out of stock. Ice cream machine not working. Restaurant closes at 3:30. Ikea closes at 4:00. never enough time! No room in van for great deals at fundgrube. Not time to go back. No car for 10 days while they process title? AGH- exhausted, frustrated, hungry! Uncomplicated pizza takeout right down the street- Thank Goodness! Dave’s picks up desk – on permanent loan from friend. New neighbor kids are being mean on playground- heart break to see this happen to your kids. This is the hard part- pray! SOO TIRED. CRY.

BEST DAY YET. No clouds- warm, sunny, most beautiful place on earth. Church was great. watched second session of conference. Loved Jeffery R. Hollands talk. also, Enrique W Falabella. Must re- watch and notes.
Saw so many friends- everyone was very nice and friendly. talked briefly with our Bishop. He is humble nice man, loves gospel.

Hope permit comes and Dave can get internet connected Monday (yes I think of it every 26 seconds). Nice evening walk, dinner, Zwetschgenkuchen (plum tart).  God is with us.  In his wisdom he knows man needs a day of rest from the hustle of life, to feed the spirit, to connect with others. Thank you Lord for a beautiful Sabbath.

plum kuchen ~ Zwetschgenkuchen

4/15 Monday- not best day- busy busy busy- TIRED- aggravated, when do these kids go to school?!?! Met with speil gruppe:( MAYBE they have available 2 hours on Tuesday afternoon starting in September!? WHAT!?#*!  Gabriel has 2 afternoons a week off school completely?!?!?! what !?#*! I will be spending more time with them!?#*! AND more time with the laundry, with the grocery store, with the cooking (no such thing as can soup!?#*!). Kids are driving me crazy- and so is Spartacus!!!! Long walk home with heavy groceries, tired, hungry, crabby. Clean up, have family home evening- chocolate fondue and clean bedrooms makes up for a lot! Everyone goes to bed behind schedule! Internet withdrawal!!! My friends back home must think i am dead. Pinterest oh how I miss thee…. I don’t know what to cook for dinner and need decorating inspiration. PLEASE, let the people who work at KFN be happy and fast and give me a connection this week?!?! I miss friends. I miss sending text. I miss being able to jump in the car and get potting soil, groceries, and take kids to soccer practice. The novelty of walking everywhere has worn off a little, as i find I am running (with a SLOW 3 year old) to try and be everywhere on time- then schlepping 20 lbs or groceries home on my shoulders. I should have lost 10 lbs, but I fear the abundance of bread and cheese is putting a kibosh on that pipe dream.

4/16 Tuesday- Gabriel test am- good. lunch- nap- bus to landerpark- Sophia goes to play-land- she poops in pants- YUCK!!! I guess she panicked and didn’t know how to ask to go the the WC so she just stood there crying and pooping in her pants. (confession~ Both my kids were pretty early potty trainers- I do not like changing poopy pants- its been years! I thew the panties away) Play-land gives me clean clothes. She goes back to play-land. Discover we must get phones unlocked asap! Dinner at Migros- good (as in cafeteria style nothing spec) but so expensive! Bus ride home ( I actually really love having a driver). Switzerland is stunningly beautiful. Sun setting about 9pm. More laundry (does it ever end?) Maybe Id feel relaxed everyday if I had a cook, a driver, and a nap! Oh internet… do you miss me too?!

4/17 Wednesday-
30 minute bus ride to Landerpark (big shopping complex that is home to Swiss.com phone company) this morning for more phone minutes (prepaid). Soccer was our big event today- practice went really well, Boo was able to keep up. It went as I hoped- less language (right, left , faster! ) more just tiring him out and feeling normal and feeling apart of a team, and finding a few kids to try and be friends with. 1 more task down! William- our little British 8 year old gentleman, stayed to play for an hour and was a delight with both Coco and Boo. Beautiful weather makes Switzerland feel calm and charming.

******Got Internet!!!! – oh Pinterest what have i done with out you… now how to blog all this? really need to talk to some family but need phone now?!! must get them up to date with Skype and Viber… Any one out there in Roanoke VA who can download Viber app on to my moms iphone?! Also looking for similar technical assistance in Flagstaff AZ for my sister! I know it’s not something that normally requires assistance but… we carry mutant chromosomes that make us technically challenged.

Do you see these faces?! So funny! This is what happens when the sun shines. We are totally not used to it.

From that Wednesday on life got a lot easier in most ways (we now have a car and mobile phones!)  and a little harder in others. We have been suffering some difficult days with the neighborhood bullies, which has made me sick with worry. I have also had a “confrontation” with one of the kids parents meaning-I confronted them but they were dismissive and didn’t care. I asked for the other kids who were involved, names and they (parents) said they did not want their son to tell me. I have a lot to say #!*$ about this kind of attitude and approach, mostly that it is cowardly and disgusting. I probably should either devote a whole post to it or leave it alone.

I’m living in an under furnished flat that is small, in comparison to our American homes. It will all be fine- I knew that it would happen in the beginning. The weather has been about 30% good so that’s at least something, but we are spoiled that way, living in South Carolina for years!?
Oh yes- I am picking up a few thrift store treasures to refinish in the next few months- I think some have cool potential. Lots of before and afters to watch for! Follow me on Pinterest~ I am obsessively pinning away ideas!



3 thoughts on “Early days still

  1. *breathe in* *breathe out*
    Don’t worry Hollee, it gets better, trust me. It’s all about getting used to everything. We had to as well. AND summer is coming so let’s hope for more sunshine 🙂 xo!

  2. Love the honesty in your blog. So many people try to sugar coat everything….especially in the blog world. Thanks for keeping it real!

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