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Happy Swiss National Day! If you go to one of the many festivals around Switzerland today, you will probably encounter traditional Swiss food. This is not a comprehensive list of but a few examples of festival food vendor offerings.

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If you have spent a few days in Switzerland you have probably encounter the Bratwurst. It is a sausage usually composed of veal, pork, or beef. The grey looking ones seem to be most common and are made of veal.

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Ochs am Spiess- This is a young cow roasted on a spit. It tastes smoky and was very tender. It was offered with potatoes and a brown gravy sauce.


cheese scraping

cheese on bread


Alpler Rosti- This is a Swiss hash-brown or potato pancake. Each vendor is cooking it slightly differently. IF you are from the states you may know of Waffle House scatter smothered hash-browns, this is the best way I can describe it. Some have onion,some ham or bacon, and each is a filling specialty.


Apfelkuchen or Opfelchuechli- translates as apfel cake. The festival food vendor that I asked said his version was apple Pie- but you get the idea. The Opfelchuechli he served was rings of batter fried apples with a vanilla sauce and cinnamon and sugar.

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  2. OMG!!! I’m in Switzerland today and the whole month of August!!! We celebrated Swiss National Day on the Lake Lucern. What a gorgeous hoiday celebration. The fireworks went on and on… Did the fireworks get the kids excited about this event or what? and how silly of me… I never knew about Swiss National Day when we were making plans to visit here!!! ARe you still in Switzerland now???

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