First Signs of Spring & Friday Roundup

spring walkYesterday while many of my southern friends stateside were experiencing snow-days, we were enjoying some spring like sunshine. It was so glorious, I can tell you that it makes all the difference. During these long dark days of winter I confess that my mood suffers. But when we finally had a sunny day and blue skies I tied on my tennies and went outside for some much needed vitamin D. I love how everyone in town seemed out walking in the fresh air. I love how green the grass stays all winter long, I love how several times on our walk Coco stopped and looked around and dramatically declared that the blue sky was sooo beautiful!

primoseI saw the first primrose, which in spring, carpets the grassy lawns; it brought such hope to my heart. I know in my head that winter is only taken a brief vacation from Switzerland, gone I suspect to haunt the deep south. I am grateful for his absence and the chance to feel alive again for a day.

I thought I would share some of my valentines links this week. Kids Crafts are terribly intimidating but I am going to tackle some tomarrow.

  1. I love these non candy valentines.
  2. What 3rd grader wouldn’t want a magnifying glass valentine?!
  3. Oh how I wish my love would make me one of these!
  4. I am dreaming of the hours this crafty valentine would occupy for my 9 year old!
  5. I think my Coco would love passing these out, but they will need a little glitter.
  6. I may just send a few of these for myself. A good laugh makes a welcome gift.
  7. Lastly nothing says valentines day like heart shaped strawberry Nutella french toast and frosted almond sugar cookies. Ā .

carraigeOne last photo- would you look at this darling little Coco pushing her babies in this vintage doll stroller I bought at the thrift store for Christmas!!!! Isn’t it TO-DIE-FOR? I searched for one like this for both kids and couldn’t find anything that I could afford when they were babies. Here in Europe they are everywhere. She is my valentine.

4 thoughts on “First Signs of Spring & Friday Roundup

  1. What a sweet post! Glad you are getting some warm weather. We are getting a tiny taste of what you experience in the winter and I HATE it…being cold stinks!
    Love the valentine ideas especially the bracelet and the French toast…Nutella practically spells LOVE! šŸ™‚ I just may have to try that!
    I use to make all those fancy valentines that would take hours upon hours to make just to see kids tear them and throw them aside just for the candy. I finally wished up and thought just keep it simple the kids LOVE pretty much any valentine that has some sort of treat attached to it. šŸ™‚
    Hope you can keep some of the warmth and send the rest back to us. :). Oh, and that carriage is AMAZING! I love it and Coco looks darling pushing it!

    • I think I’d rather keep the warm weather, thank you. However snow is predicted for tomarrow:( AND YES THE STROLLER MAKES ME SMILE EVERYDAY!

    • It’s so nice of you to comment! I link (nearly) every friday to lots of inspiration out in the world wide web and this is the first time I have ever had someone thank me!!! I’ll be keeping my eye on you caroline! Your one to watch!!!!

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