Friday roundup

11-untranslatable-words-from-other-cultures_52152bbe65e85_w587We are off to the mountains to do some hiking again this weekend, must squeeze in as much as we can when the weather is not raining. What will you do for the weekend? I will be thinking of you and wishing you were here. In the mean time here are some things to inspire:

  • Great advice about reminding us how to practice happiness.
  • Are you always missing calls because you can’t find your phone in the handbag? You might need one of these!
  • Face research and the average woman from countries around the world is strangely fascinating
  • Have ya’ll heard of these guys? I want to take photos of Axel in tye-dye skinnys and Christmas antler trophy tee!!!
  • Flip flops are being packed up with summer clothes but why are ballet flats so expensive?
  • My husband drives a bike to work everyday, Of course here in Switzerland we have bike-lanes. I could get on my bike “soapbox” but  this will do it for me.
  • My feel-good mommy-moment this week goes to Kate at Kates Creative Space, what an creative woman!

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