Halloween snapshot & Monday roundup

tinkerbell and strong manImpressive right?! No, I’m not talking about his muscles! I am talking about these HOMEMADE costumes!

strong manJust so you know before we went out trick-or-treating in Germany, we suddenly realized that we were dressed for a South Carolina Halloween. I bought 2 pairs of panty hose for Gabriel, cut the crotch out of one pair and he wore it like sleeves under his tank-top, the other pair he wore under shorts. This, coupled with a big jacket that covered the entire costume kept him warm. I say he was both a strong man and a flasher all night because he had to open his jacket and show off his costume every time we went to a door.

tinkerbell dancingI hope it’s obvious that she is Tinkerbell and not so obvious that I should have ironed her dress. When we went trick-or-treat she had to wear tights and a long-sleeved tee shirt underneath, oh how I miss those South Carolina winters!


Happy Monday! We spent the weekend celebrating Halloween and  All Saints Day off with friends in Germany this weekend. Winter has come and it feels like an early Christmas with lots of shopping and gathering with friends. Most of you from the states are probably cleaning up Halloween- I remember how much I used to hate pulling down the artificial cobwebs (and the real ones too!) that were always filled with bits of dried leaves.

This time last year we were getting ready to move into our house in Charleston. We were under-contract on a home and had moving boxes everywhere, of course we had no idea we would be living in Switzerland just a few months later! Spartacus wasn’t even home on Halloween because of his horrible travel schedule. As I start to think about our Thanksgiving plans I realize how very grateful I am that we are able to all be together. That Spartacus has a fantastic job that allows him to be with his family for all the holidays, and teacher conferences, and ball games and school plays. Even though I don’t have my own house, or my own yard, or an extra refrigerator- I realize how blessed we really are.

Since I was busy having gobs of fun on Friday I forgot to post the roundup, so Here are last weeks inspiring links:

  1. Remember this for next Halloween.
  2. I love the camper bike– It reminds me of a snail that takes its home where ever they go- I need one of these!
  3. More evidence that smoking is ugly.
  4. For my mormon netflix friends.
  5. Brilliant cheese ball makeover– perfect for your go-to seasonal party appetizer. ( It’s the 3rd image down.)
  6. All right this one’s from Fatburn cookbook so you know it must be good for you right? I made it twice last week- it’s a great alternative to chili!


One thought on “Halloween snapshot & Monday roundup

  1. Okay, where to start? I hope I remember everything! The older I get the worst my memory is. First, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the homemade costumes! When Cecily was little I sewed a Tinkerbell costume for her and this reminded me of hers! I totally could tell she was Tinkerbell! Oh, and I lol’ed about Axel flashing everyone. Ha!
    I also love your weekly roundups…this was probably Cecily’s last year trick-or-treating, and she probably got more candy than ever, but had the worst time. Why? She had no friends to go with. It was just her and I as Mike was not feeling well and Ariel decided she was too old…although, she doesn’t feel too old. I had to agree being with friends was much more fun, so I can see that more candy doesn’t always make for a “happier” Halloween. Love the list of Mormon movies…we’ll have to check a few of them out. Oh, and I LOVED the cheese ball with the almonds and rosemary…so clever (although, the elephant one below it grossed me out a bit… Lol). Oh, and I think I may try making that chili for our trunk or treat next year…it just might be the chili i need to help me win first place…or even second or third (we never win). I’m gonna have to make it for our family now that we have cooler weather! Loving your blog, but not nearly as much as I love you! 🙂 I’m glad you are able to see the positive side of living in Germany! Hugs!

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