Happy New Year in Luzern


city scape

Happy New Year friends all around the world! I wanted to share some photos of our lovely city. I don’t often have a chance to wander like a tourist
but our fair-city deserves as many photos as I can take.


view toward the NATIONAL


de balences view

jesuit church_1

capell bridge 2

another great view

new bridge view of gutsch

christmas windows


Lovely Christmas trinkets can be purchased on the Chapel Bridge for a premium. For a larger selection check out Casa Grande just off Swanenplatz.

christmas trinkets

christmas trinkets 2

My best tip of the day is to find the phone booth in Swannen Platz and let the kids warm up inside- as a side note its a great place to put a toddler whose having a melt down- you can see them in the glass, but they are slightly quieter behind the glass.

 kids locked into phone booth



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year in Luzern

  1. It really is a beautiful city! I love the wooden Christmas trinkets…can’t remember what they are called, but Mike’s mom has a few. Good tip on the phone booth…if I were too cold though, I might not want to leave! Happy New Year!

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