Homemade Advent Calender full of fun

hanging next to garland are our advent surprises

This year after admiring the gobs of pinterest advent calendars, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and make up something that would work for us. Thanks to  Annie Valentine for the ideas and voila here are are daily surprises (they also come with chocolates).
Dec. 1: pick names for surprise family gifts
Dec. 2: start to decorate house for Christmas – light advent candle
Dec 3: elf neighbor
Dec. 4: read The Little Match Girl
Dec. 5: call grandparents and tell them you love them
Dec. 6: make gingerbread house with missionaries
Dec. 7: buy tree and trim tree
Dec. 8: write a letter to Santa
Dec 9: arrange the Nativity Scene- kids tell Jesus birth story for advent- light advent candle
Dec 10: say something you love about Mom
Dec 11: say something you love about boo
Dec 12: say something you love about coco
Dec 13: say something you love about Dad
Dec 14: shop for your surprise name gift
Dec. 15: go to family Christmas party at the friends
Dec. 16: make a craft with Mom- light advent candle
Dec 17: take Christmas gifts to teachers
Dec. 18: sing Silent Night in front of the Christmas tree before bed
Dec 19: buy gift for charity/ provide charity
Dec 20:  have hot cocoa together outside and look at the stars
Dec 21: surprise Dad with a Christmas lunch at work
Dec 22: watch Annabelle’s Wish with treats
Dec 23: deliver treat to neighbors–light advent candle
Dec 24: wrap gift for names
Of course this isn’t the only fun stuff we will do over the holidays, but this is the stuff the kids will make sure we do:)

I ran to hobby lobby with my 40% coupon in hand and bought a big expensive hole punch. But for this you need two so you had better have a 2nd coupon ready, and the patients to make them ring it up on separate orders. I bought more than I used and took it back today. The “soft spoken” sticker kit was inspiration but I didn’t need it so back it went. I printed out the numbers and 1 1/4 inch punched them into small circles. Then with a 2 inch circle punch I did red glitter circles to glue as the background. I mounted the numbers on mini-brown sacks and voila! If you can find smaller sacks then I recommend- I only needed enough space for little chocolates and a paper strip, and there is still plenty of space. Filling them with chocolates and our list of joy-inducing holiday spirit will make the kids excited but not too sugared-up. I spent a few hours with my happy-to-help children making a craft- I probably spent 10 bucks worth of supplies, Its darn cute. Make one of your own and send me a photo!!!!

red glitter paper


2 number sheets:

advent numbers 1-12

advent numbers 13-24

and I did use the little tiny rhinestones stickers to give it a little bling.

The holidays are officially among us!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Advent Calender full of fun

  1. You so totally and completely made my day, I love you and why didn’t I think if those paper bags? Seriously, I’ve got to stop relying on my sewing machine. But man do I miss coupons. Take advantage while you can girlie…

    Merry Christmas!

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