In the mood for a European Vacation?

We have an old family friend visiting us – our first visitor from the states. She is having the time of her life. Can we tempt you? Have you dreamed of a trip to Europe? Wondering where to start? Here is a link to blog- journal about one girl living out a dream. Enjoy her photos. Start living your dreams.img_2792-1














3 thoughts on “In the mood for a European Vacation?

  1. You have so tempted me! I so wish I could travel all over Europe! Unfortunately, my pocket book, and life in general, overrides all that temptation! I can, however, continue to dream. Thank you for posting the pictures though at least I can see what I’m missing out on….and see that the world is full of beauty! 🙂

    • Andrea, Thanks for all your comments. We have been so busy traveling I have not had much chance to reply, but I truely love reading them and knowing that someone is enjoying the work I do on the blog. Never say never- Europe is not that far away!

  2. Yes please! Where do I sign! The kids are getting so big! Where does the time go? They and you are so blessed to be able to experience all Europe has to offer. They will be so well rounded. I am jealous. And I miss you!


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