Lunch date in Bonnieux

bonnioux distance2

On Thursday afternoon Spartacus and I went to lunch… In Bonnieux FRANCE! How fancy does that sound?! Ooh La La!  As with most of Europe, and especially picturesque midievel walled cities, parking is not easy. These streets were built before cars were invented. We parked at the bottom of a tall hill and when we pulled up this is the first thing we saw:

lover for rentA LOVER FOR RENT

None for me thank you, I brought my own today (being the natural hustler I am, I have to admit wondering what I could rent Sparticus out for. He is often grumpy, but when he’s in the right mood he’s got mad skills- haha).

bonnioux dave and hollee

 We drove up to the quiant hill top city, strolled around, walked a million ancient steps up to an old church, took a ton of photos, did some shopping and then stopped for lunch overlooking the beautiful valley pictured below.collage2



Because we rarely eat beef in Switzerland, we ordered a entrecote with frites and a lovely layered aubergen au fromage (sirloin steak with french fries and layered eggplant with cheese) to share. We also had a big salad with chicken, avocado’s, and toasted sesame seeds- bon appetite at the Terrace restaurant- al fresco.


bonnieux bells

Bonnieux bells

dave & Hollee lavendar field • Luberon Valley, France •

lavendar field Provence France •

No romantic lunch date in France would be complete with out dessert. It was simply too hot for Crème brûlée or profiteroles, but its always a good time for glace’.


11 thoughts on “Lunch date in Bonnieux

  1. What are the temps like? FL and TX have been either HOT or RAINY. I’m white as a ghost!
    “natural hustler”–you got that right! lol Remember when you sold that movie ticket that didn’t get torn? haha

    • You know I can’t remember a thing about my life past about a week ago! That’s why I am blogging for heavens sake. I keep thinking I will end up making a “Groundhog Day -esque” movie because I can barely remember what happend this morning!

  2. I feel like all my comments are the same…how beautiful everything is, but it’s true! What an awesome romantic lunch date…much beter than any lunch date I’ve had here. Lol. Oh and the “lover for rent” sign is hilarious as ws your comments on renting out Sparticus! Ha ha! EVERYTIME I see one of you pics of Ice cream, I drool! When we were in Epcot the best ice cream I ever had was in “France”. It was so silky smooth…our yumminess! So, I’m sure actually eating the real stuff in France is so much better…at least that’s what I think when I see your pics! I love the pic of you and Sparticus…glad y’all are able to have lunch dates and that you’re willing to share pics of them. 🙂

  3. AMAZING. I feel like my comments are all the same, too. Beautiful photography, amazing destinations, adorable children. Wow!!

  4. That is funny – a lover for rent. It actually is a louer/for rent. But it does have a better meaning when you switch the U or V. Lovely pictures and blog Holle, enjoy it very much.

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