MIA~ It’s Snowing!

the snow

I have missed y’all! I have been buried with activities, tis the season! I have some chairs that I have been commissioned for a make-over. (Christmas $$$!) I can’t wait to show you the finished project.

Yesterday we went to a gingerbread making class in the city- were we met some other English speaking expats from Australia. They were fresh off the plane- only having lived here a few weeks. I remember how difficult those early days were! Now just 7 months into our adventure I am feeling confident and comfortable. I imagine that if I had a regular stream of company visiting from the states I would feel quite content.

Today as I am in-between waxing furniture and cutting upholstery I wanted to just say hello and tell you about the snow. Today was the first time since May that it snowed in the valley. The fog has been here for about a week and we will be lucky to see blue sky again till January. I know it’s a dangerous time of year for my mental health but I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed listening to Kenny and Dolly Christmas music and watching the snow outside while I was inside painting on my projects.

Coco was off in the forest today for farm spiel gruppe. Once a month they head a little further up the mountain to the forest and hike into a spot where they made a little shelter. They build a fire and roast bratwurst and make campfire goodies and tell stories and play- today they got to make snowballs! Axel ran home from school excited to get his gloves on and head outside in the snow. And I had a lovely time inside staying warm and working away on my projects.

I snapped a few shots when we went to pick up Coco. Doesn’t it just make you feel like Christmas is around the corner?!

look at green grassDo you see how green the grass is still? It’s one of the most amazing and beautiful things about Switzerland. It is incredibly green all year round. Once the snow melts a little in the valley the contrast from the supper green grass and the white snow covering the mountains is stunning.

flowers are still bloomingCheck out the flowers blooming under the sign! So pretty!

axel eating snow

axel presents- the snow

me the snow

Do you see how happy I am? Quite unusual when I am outside in the snow. I have my new L L Bean 850 down fill coat to thank. It is long – mid calf, (you cant see in this photo) which keeps me wrapped in a cocoon of warm feathers AND it has a hood because at any given moment it’s likely to be raining or snowing. I am loving it so far, but we will see when the weather really starts getting cold- a full report to come!

little coco

little coco 2

3 thoughts on “MIA~ It’s Snowing!

  1. Great Blog Hollee (and great photo’s!!)…. I cannot wait to see your chair makeover’s!
    I would love to visit one day! Have fun with the snow…is there a snowman in your future? Send pics…

  2. I live your photos too…especially the one if you! Absolutely beautiful. I live how happy you look and I hope your jacket is all you need it to be so you can enjoy all the outdoors HS to offer in that cold, but beautiful weather. :). Not sure I could live in it w/o 20 layers of clothes. It gets down in the 40’s here and I’m miserable.
    Gingerbread making class!!! How fun! I want to go..well as long as it doesn’t turn into anything like the pottery class I started to take in college with you..remember how bad I was?! Lol
    Also, I still can not hear Kenny and Dolly singing Christmas songs and not think of you!! I remember sitting in Laurel’s lap practically in your truck and you playing that tape on the way to OW or wherever we happened to be going…you make this a Christmas to remember! I always tell the girls, “this makes me think of Hollee.” Good times and Giid memories! Remember when we tried to win the Christmas door prize when we lived at the Moorings? Well, actually, I should not say we b/c I have absolutely no creativity or skill…my Forrest Gump cake was proof if that! Lol

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