Mothers Day 2014

breakfast in bed

So bear with me while I record some of my Mothersday treasures from a really good year (cause last year sucked!). I was treated like a queen for not just one day, but TWO!!! Well, yes I deserved it, of course, but the truth is that sometimes our children fight their way through our important day, and the spouse (if there is one) can sometimes forget about it, or perhaps (like Spartacus) go on business trips (as was the case last year) (this should be illegal!). Saturday morning Spartacus crawled out of bed early (sort of) and I could hear Coco’s little voice trying to be quite while they clatter bowls and used the mixer to create a delicious brunch of steamed asparagus with fresh lemon, topped with a perfectly cooked egg (yokes must run and no crispy overcooked whites), rosti (hash browns) and a fantastic HOMEMADE orange muffin. I was in heaven for a few munites and then the food disappeared off my fork lickety split! After the relaxing morning of breakfast in bed we rode bikes to a neighboring village for the craft market and then for a hike up the Burgenstock for fresh air and spectacular views.

burgenstock nase




I was rewarded with lots of gifts and flowers (love peonies!). It was a perfect day, no rushing, no stress- and tired out, we chilled for the rest of the evening.

Now try not to be jealous over these homemade gifts. I linked some ideas for cute totes and homemade mothers day surprises in fridays post, but these are the swiss versions:) So all I am wondering is how long I have to keep a painted and bedazzled sequin, salt dough hanger with dangling coordinated paper cutouts on the walls of the flat. Because, hey, I got two of them (one for each day Coco attends spiel gruppe).

matching hangers

Homemade cards and a bouquet of paper flowers…

motherday card

more hommade paper crafts

… and a bouquet of real ones!

ahhh peonies

The centerpiece is an abstract design the roughly resembles the words (m) (o) (m) (spiral) (heart). I know you might be wondering where you can get one of these and the truth is that they are one of a kind treasures that can only be inspired by a mothers love:)


Hope you all had great celebrations too, everyone deserves to be loved this much!








2 thoughts on “Mothers Day 2014

  1. So glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I miss the homemade trinkets…the girls don’t make them as much now that they are getting older, but I still had a great Mother’s Day with homemade breakfast and yummy dinners. Your breakfast looks divine.. I LOVE asparagus and will share this idea with my family for them to do for me! :). I’d love the orange muffin recipe too!

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