Moxi is a blog by me, Hollee Thornton

I started my first blog in the spring of 2010, but it lost its way. I think as I transition from my 30’s to midlife I had better start recording what I am learning because I am already starting to forget.  Moxi chronicle’s our life and is a way to share it with friends. And maybe, make a few new friends along the way.

Here you’ll find updates on things I’m good at: Food, Events, DIY Projects, lots of ideas. Occasionally post include something I am struggling with (fitness, balance, contentment v/s ambition.)

A little about me:
I studied communication arts and fine art in college and felt extremely lucky to land a job in a fast-paced ad agency after I finished school. I loved feeling important looking out the window of a high rise building. I went on to spend years advancing my career in the world of advertising/marketing design, but longed to start a family. After years of fertility struggles I finally gave birth to my first child in November of 2004. We were blessed with a totally natural bonus baby in July of 2009. And with our family complete I find myself making the transition back to the balance of professional satisfaction and maintaining home and family. You wont find a lot of chatter about how I miss the energy and hustle-bustle of a full time job and still want to give my kids a full time mom, but I think that knowing it about me helps to understand why I am so excited about Bo’s (8 yearold’s) birthday party stationary.


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2 thoughts on “Moxi is a blog by me, Hollee Thornton

  1. Hey lady! I am so glad you found me. I can’t wait to meet you in Salt Lake City. I desperately want to be a stay-at-home mom. I love the fact that you left such a cool high profile job to be with your kids. That is awesome!

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