Mrs. Clause Affair~ my chance to gift

moxiblog package with bow.photoshopped

Earlier this month I posted all about The Mrs. Clause Affair.

I received an email with my person’s name and a brief description saying only that “If any of these women were to be picked I think she deserves it the most. She is around 40 y/o with 4 children. She loves to hike and travel around Germany with her kids while her husband is deployed. This is their 5th or so deployment! ” I thought and thought about what to get. I surfed the internet, scoured Etsy and found so many lovely gifts I had the hardest time deciding. It’s really tough to buy something so important for a total stranger. I kept asking my self what I would need/want most if I were her. And funny enough I have a little experience (2 years worth) being a single mom with a husband who is traveling intensely for a living. Now I don’t pretend that my experience was the same, my husband wasn’t in a life threatening job, and he was usually home on weekends, but my point is that I ALWAYS needed more help. SO I did a little research and found a “mothers helper/personal assistant” who was willing to give this nice deployment widow a helping hand with basically anything she wanted for 5 hours. I think it’s the perfect gift. The only downside was that I really wanted a lovely wrapped gift under her tree, and gift cards can be so UN-inspiring- yawn. I didn’t want her to feel short-changed or like this was a thoughtless last-minute, one-size-fits-all kinda gift.

I quickly began dreaming of a cute graphics project, but what with my chair commissions in full swing and a million other demands like every one around here having to eat several times a day, I am a bit swamped. Lucky for me Lia Griffith did most of the work with free chalkboard printables. DYING!!! They are sooo cute. Visit her blog or check out my Pinterest Graphics Board, you’ll be drooling over the cuteĀ printables too.

moxiblog gift certificate

I wrapped up a pretty cute gift certificate package and printed the Mrs. Claus affair letter explaining how much we appreciate her hard work as the wife of a deployed soldier, and how we didn’t want her to feel quite so lonely on Christmas Day. I almost cried, but I was so excited to get it in the mail to her I found my self telling you! Here’s your sneak peak at the lucky ladies Christmas gift. Make sure and visit tomorrow, I’ll be posting a Free Gift Certificate using Lia Griffith’s designs and some links to free typefaces too!

moxiblog package inside

3 thoughts on “Mrs. Clause Affair~ my chance to gift

    • thanks Kathy! I just love this too- It feels good to have a secret surprise that I know she will love- I just wish I could see her face when she opens it!

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