My skin is blemish free- This is why…

banner_right_glyskin_01This morning when I was showering and going through my ever-so-simple and most-times non-existent beauty (if you could call it that) routine, it dawned on me that my little Swiss secret-in-a-bottle might be good info for the rest of my readers as well. I am trying to DE-emphasise my routine because I actually have quite neglected my skin over the years. Which is why wrinkles and blemishes don’t surprise me. That said, when I arrived in Switzerland I struggled with breakouts – a lot of breakouts- which is fairly unusual for me. Of course during hormonal times I am cursed with breakouts like everyone else, but perhaps the stress, and climate change also played a part. I felt like I had just suddenly gotten a whole lot uglier. I wish I had a before and after photo to prove it. After months of searching the drugstore shelf and sampling all kinds of moisturizers and cleansers and acne ointments I decided to visit a real “specialist”- Pacos beauty in Stansstad does facials and other cosmetic beauty procedures, of which I have no familiarity because as I mentioned, I just don’t take care of my self this way. I popped into her shop to see if she could recommend something for me. She sold me an expensive little bottle of Gly Skin. I must admit I was not convinced. I was nervous about the cost (around 45 chf- $50). I was desperate though, I really had areas of my skin and neck that would break out like a rash. I used it routinely as directed for a couple of weeks, and saw real improvement. It has been over a month now since I first tried it and I am so pleased I have to pass along my secret. I am out of my drug store moisturizers and I am so satisfied with the gly skin that I will be headed up to Pacos beauty to get moisturizer in the same family of products.

Here’s the sales blurb from the website about the Glyskin: “Qualitative skin improvement refined with fruit acid”

“With the esterification of the fruit acid, the acid remains stable until it is introduced into the skin in order to unfold its ideal effectiveness. This led to the Glycocitrocomplex, which is used in the skin care line Gly Skin. The aim of this cosmetical implementation is to stimulate skin renewal by inducing the generation of new cells. The result is a similar, fine and clear skin and thus a visible younger appearance.”

Here is the link to their webpage.

Here is a link to Pacos Beauty. She speaks English.

As I write this it dawns on me that I should probably become an online distributor, at the moment I have nothing to gain from my glowing review- except more beautiful friends. I just wanted to share it with all ya’ll!

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