On the road in Amsterdam~Friday round up


We are on the road to Amsterdam today, and I wanted to tell you hello! Europe is blooming and the sun is shinning and all ist gut!  This trip has long been on my to-do-list and finally the time has aligned perfectly with the weather and here we are. When I was a child my father would tell us little about his childhood (maybe he has the same memory I do?) and very little about living in Europe. He can recite a few german phrases and would tell us about the vacation his family took to The Netherlands. How post world war II Europe was struggling to re-build and the same luxurious accommodations were not available to them as are to us these days.  His family drove to Holland and could not find room in a hotel. A kind Inn keeper took them home and welcomed them with generous hospitality for the remainder of there short visit. The friendliness and kindness of Netherlanders is well known and we are happy to be doing a house swap this weekend with a nice family from North Amsterdam.

My father remembers visiting an island where people still wore wooden shoes and with reverence (not often a quality I used when talking about my father) remembers the fields, the vast fields of colorful tulips. So I send you a quick Happy Easter as I set out to relive his memories and with camera in hand I will try and photograph as much as I can to share with you (and him). In the mean time here are a few interesting links this week- and a video that has been making Facebook rounds but is sooo darn good I couldn’t help but post! 


Glamping in Malaysia for $61 a night including a “steamboat” dinner- anyone?

Have you ever been lucky enough to find a stylist that totally gets you? Or I should say… gets my hair’s desire to look cool? I miss you James Quinton!

I also  miss Costco! Here’s some big money saving tips -pricing de-coded!

While we are in Amsterdam we plan to visit church services for Easter Sunday, if you need a sweet reminder about why we celebrate Easter click here.

And here’s a funny but true video you will surely love.

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  1. I so can’t wait to read and see all the pictures of Amsterdam, and wondering if it is all (and more) that I imagine it to be. Have a great vacation and Happy Easter! Knowing that the Savior loves us enough to atone for our sins, sorrows, and pains is the greatest sense if joy that I know! Thanks for all you did to help bring me to that knowledge, and being a great friend and member missionart! I love you!

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