Online grocery shopping is a life changer!

I am not even joking ya’ll!

I am not being paid a cent to tell you about this amazing deal. I think all the Harris Teeters (all the one’s I have shopped at locally) offer online grocery shopping. It’s super easy to use- seriously- and the best part is that I actually save money. I sign up for the monthly unlimited service, It’s $14.95. I shop every other day practically and all I have to do is drive up to a little speaker in the front of the store, press a button, and my groceries hop into the car and a supper friendly grocery clerk brings (supper yummy -not exaggerating) sugar cookies to my car along with my bill. They swipe my card and I am on my way. I don’t buy naughty junk food, I don’t buy anything I don’t need, I don’t buy stuff to pacify my children, I don’t have to pacify my children (they are being fed a free cookie just for sitting in the car). I don’t waist time, and BTW- I am able to compare prices instantly with-out kids pulling on me or dismantling a display. Every time I type in a product it shows all available and the ones on sale are highlighted in red. So if I type in eggs, the sale eggs are obvious and easy to find. I spend less money and time and that makes me HAPPY! Oh, and Rhonda the express lane manager is soooo nice! She writes personal thank you notes to her customers, she always remembers my name and never forgets to deliver cookies to the kids (and usually me).

So I am excited to tell you that this week TRY ONLINE SHOPPING FOR FREE!

That’s right!  As a special offer, they are automatically waiving the $4.95 fee (one time shopping not monthly unlimited) on ALL pickup orders $25.00 or more between 2/27/13 and 3/05/13. 

Signed up for our monthly fee?  That’s okay.  An additional $4.95 will be deducted from your order during these dates if you spend at least $25.00 per order.  So not only do you not pay the fee, you get $4.95 back!

2 thoughts on “Online grocery shopping is a life changer!

  1. Love it! I can see that you are nnot as tempted! with and without the Kids! so how do you buy now choclate 🙂 We got something similar in munich I can order online at my store and they deliver on the time of my choice… for 4-6 EUR per delivery. nerver did it – the store is in my street and I walk by several times a day…

    welome to Europe! 😉

    • Visas are in process in BERN- we will hopefully get word with in another week or so- fingers crossed, legs crossed, eyes crossed- haha.

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