Painted Bird Series

photo 2

There are so many things I need to catch up with you about but this by far the prettiest! I am posting 7 of my new acylic paintings. My sweet little birds are 6×6 inches and look especially beautiful in groups! I am pricing them at $50 each plus shipping from the states through end of November- just in time for Christmas! I will be posting some more “wintery” selections later so check back often! TO order email me! Or comment on Facebook.

robin forward on aquaRobin on Aquamarine

lavander crested aquabird on peachLavender Crest on Peach

yellow bird on blueBig Bird on Blue

bluebird on greenBlue Bird on Green

hummingbird on peachHummingbird on Peach

hot pink black birdMagpie on HotPink

robin looks left on blueRobin Looking to the Left

2 thoughts on “Painted Bird Series

  1. Hello!! It has been such a LONG time since I have been on here. I guess since I’m no longer on FB, I don’t get your update reminders! I saw a few of your pins on Pinterest and it reminded me of your blog…now I know what all the bird pins are about! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! So glad you are getting back into your art…not that you ever left it, but you have such fantastic talent that it should be shared with the world! I’m loving catching up on your blog! So much to read…a fun read at that! Congrats to Nate getting married. I’m so sad we missed you when you were here in August! Looks like a ton of fun! I loved all the pictures! Your parents and grandmother look wonderful! I miss them…and your kiddos are growing up so fast…and so beautiful! You look great as well. I think the Crossfit is paying off! Scales don’t tell everything…and I’m trying to learn that they don’t mean everything either! Loved your gingerbread houses and that you gave it another try! I also LOVED that you learned to chill and find some balance in 2014 (you’ll have to share your secrets with me), but mostly I love that you are happy and content…no matter where you are. I think when you find that, you know what real joy is. I’ll have to try to bookmark your blog and remember to stop by more often..I’ve missed it! Love you!

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