Paris- 5 Favorite Things

I just have to warn you now. I have just a few more things to say about Paris so I don’t forget.

1. Street entertainment

bagpipe player

We love the street entertainment in Paris. You can always find really good performers at Pompidou Museum.

street art

I thick they are actually organized and maybe licensed or something. There seems to be some organized rotation of acts…
not exactly an impromptu street performance… I digress.


Another great place to see free acts is the area around Notre Dame there is some renown gelato shops (We loved Berthillion and Pozzetto) in the neighborhood and this is a great spot to sit, and eat ice-cream.


musicians everywhere- played guitar behind his back

 On the Metro there are always someone playing music

one of the love lock bridges- just east of Notre Dame

gellato face dancing

 2. An hour sitting in the grass under the Eiffel Tower, reading and acting like locals!

eiffletower hour

So I am really proud of this one because we brought books in bag packs and then just found a lovely spot and sat in the sun and enjoyed an hour- A WHOLE HOUR of quite bliss. And there were tons of sales guys walking around trying to get people to buy little statues of the Eiffle tower. They circled and circled and asked EVERYONE EXCEPT US if we wanted to buy one. I am sure its because we looked like locals but if there was another reason than so-be-it, just remember if you want to avoid being hustled at the Eiffel Tower- than bring a bag of books and sit your little family in the grass and just read!

more boats

3. The boats at Luxembourg Garden- This is a no brainer, ever tourist and local in Paris comes here to watch people. I snapped a few shots of Street Fashion at the Park on the weekend.  The kids pushed boats around for a half hour and I snapped shots of what the french (& tourist) are wearing. The days of high fashion on the streets seem to be gone, but here are my top picks.

best women picks

1. I love the platform heels the wash on the jeans and mostly LOVE the layered necklaces and especially the tassel one!
2.The Bermudas, navy jacket with gold buttons, big navy bag and ballet flats.
3. A mix:  bad top half and a really cute bottom half- I love the long socks and the chunky ankle boots.
4. I thought the short sleeved puffer paired with jeans was really cute!

cute kids2

Love all the classic separates sans-cartoon characters. Love the colored sneakers.

cute kids1

1. Love ruffles. 2. Love horizontal blue stripes. 3. So chic!

french family

This lovely little french family was the epitome of classic french fashion! Navy leather shoes, and the barret! Oui!

man best dressed

 The men in Paris were routinely stylish. 1. Horizontal stripes are a french classic.
2. This cute old man had on a tan suit and an overcoat so its hard to see how perfect he wears french casual.
3. The trick seems to be the classic sport coat paired with just about anything.
4. The Navy sport coat is a staple in Paris.

love the hat

I captured this shot the next day at the market, I love his hat- and with feathers people! In Paris the men know how to accessorize!
I saw scarfs and hats and jackets and colored socks. I adore the sharply dressed old men.

orangerie 3

4. Guided Tour- So I really love guided tours. I love learning hundreds of years worth of history in the place were it happened. Versailles was great but I could have done 30 more hours of history in 4 days… my traveling companions may not have been so eager. Paris is full of interesting things to learn about, last time we were there I did a fantastic tour of the Lourve, and next time maybe I will have time for more.


5. French Markets- The french just know their market culture. Everything about their markets scream ambiance.


 We have a thing for fish at the markets, there are such fresh and beautiful varieties. I’ve never seen langoustines for sale in America they are delicious! Specked flounder, squid, sardines, snapper, octopus everything fresh from the ocean.


 The charcuterie is delish, the meat all tied up beautifully makes me want to cook, the roasting meats made me want to eat and the pig tails and pig feet made me want to snap photos that prove every bit of the pig aint just for rednecks in south Alabama.

beautiful eggplant


6. Food- gelato, pastries, fish tocos and great big burgers- the food in Paris is Delicious! Try to avoid places that have menus in book format with laminated pages (like Dennys or IHOP) and if they offer the menu in 3 or 4 languages thats a dead giveaway to try and find something… more intimate, more local. Look for chalkboard menus, recommended restaurants and big crowds of french people reading french papers and talking in french- those are probably good places to eat.


pastry art











5 thoughts on “Paris- 5 Favorite Things

    • Jenna I love the dance moves too! Today was a holiday here in our village so we headed up the mountain pass to our south east and visited the Interlocken area. After a long hike and some toboggan runs we stopped in a few shops to look at the souvenirs. Upon exiting one with a wide sidewalk, Coco threw her hat on the ground top side down and busted out into some dance moves. Spartacus quickly explained when I looked back in total confusion, that she was trying to earn some money. What has Europe really taught her?!?!?!

  1. Okay, so this post definitely sold me on Paris! I would love to just sit on the grass on a sunny day and READ….with the Eiffel Tower in view. How awesome is that? I wish I lived in Switzerland with you. I would go and do the history tours with you!!! I LOVE the history tours. Ariel likes them too…and Mike is okay with them…Cecily….FORGET IT…not happening. Where did I go wrong? And the markets and the food on top of the local free entertainment. Seems a bit like a vacation in heaven. Thanks for sharing, Hollee. Another great post.

    • Come over and we will do some tours together, and read and the eiffel tower! We can geek out and eat pastries all weekend! xo

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