Preparing for Alt Summit

I leave for Alt Summit in about 36 hours. I have spent months thinking about what to wear to Alt. I even took an online class offered by Alt channel about “What to Wear to Alt”. It was terribly helpful- and brilliant on the part of organizers, but I am still struggling. Here’s why: Fashion v/s comfort! I love getting dressed up and lovely a few days a week, but part of the reason why I love “working from home” is that I can stay in yoga pants from morning till night if that’s what I feel comfortable in. I will not be leaving my yoga pants behind, but plan to wear them only to work out (I have good intentions). The reputed fashion scene at Alt design summit is intimidating, and as a first timer I would rather fall in line than stand out because I am slumming it. Maybe after 24 hours of being just Hollee instead of mom, etc. I will feel rested and rejuvenated and like I want to dress beautifully and fashionable everyday? Maybe I will want to jump out of bed and go running on the treadmill before 7:00am? Maybe I will really enjoy shaking hands and passing out business cards and talking to strangers for 4 days? What I do know is that  I am terribly excited to be there soaking up lots of inspiration and learning day-in day-out for 4 days. I am super excited to have a few days off of my normal life to feel like a professional and I suppose dressing like one will help me believe it too. I am much more comfortable sitting behind the scene in my yoga pants with my aquaphor lip-gloss but starting Wednesday I will be wearing real clothes and real lipstick and hopefully I will recognize another part of my self for a few days. I love you Alt~ thanks for organizing this conference and allowing regular people like me to share a piece of the blog sphere.

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