Spring Brings a Burst of Energy and a Friday Roundup

Travel season

Hello Friends! Spring is here and I feel like I have been injected with a sudden burst of energy,  I have accomplished so much this week! Home exchange deadlines are helping me with some of the to do list:

  • Finally finishing those caned chairs from the chair class last fall (yikes that’s a long time to procrastinate) I will shoot some photos and post them soon.
  • I planted some spring flowers in the flower box even though I won’t be here to water them this summer and they will be dead for sure after 5 weeks of neglect. I have to tell you that flowers on the patio just cheer up the place!
  • Sparticus is in the states next week and it’s the first time anyone in the family has been back- I have a long list of things to pick up from Target! I also went shopping for LOTS of chocolate easter bunnies that will be arriving in mailboxes throughout the country soon (our cousins will be surprised)!
  • Finally I have been swamped with travel plans and details. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to crank up the travel season! After all this is one of the big perks and priorities while we are here in Switzerland. We have trips to Amsterdam, Sharm el Sheikh, Paris, (may squeeze in a girls weekend to portugual), finally spending the summer back in the states! Sorry if this sounds like I am bragging! Much of it is made possible with Home exchange. This is also a great reason to get the spring cleaning and projects checked off  the list.
  • The best news of all this week is that my sister-in-law and a few nieces are visiting in September! I can’t wait to show them around some of our favorite spots, and I can’t wait to share those with you too!

Hope you enjoy this weeks round up!

          1. I really want to look 10 pounds skinnier, does contouring and highlighting work? (By the way where did michelle get that kimono jacket!?!? I liked the whole video but the make up tips come at about 4 minutes in so fast forward if you want.

        1. I tried the Dr. Oz 2 weeks rapid weight loss diet and lost only 5 lbs. I gotta tell you, it was hard core. Week one went great (albeit stressful and difficult to stay away from bread)  and week two was a series of little cheats. I think it is really beneficial for a “kick off  to bikini-season” motivation. I also think that if you suspect you might have food intolerance issue this would be a great way to “cleanse”. But for me it was just a lot of stress and with out the huge losses other people seem to have.
        2. When we shipped over our totes we had 2 left over pallets- wonder If I can get sparticus to make me this for the balcony?
        3. This is the best reason to go to Amsterdam for spring.
        4. One of the places Sparticus has to visit is the bookstore to stock up! We thought the kindle would satisfy our english book delema but I am afraid that there is just no substitute for a good ole’ book! Gabreil has a long list and I found this for him as well. Do you have any favorite new kids books to recommend?
        5. And finally just to make you smile.

Auf wiedersehen. Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Spring Brings a Burst of Energy and a Friday Roundup

  1. I guess we have been so busy this past month that I have gotten behind on your blog….and I have missed it! So much fun and exciting stuff happening for your family! I’m so happy for you (and, I know it’s not a becoming trait, but also a bit…okay, maybe a lot, jealous..lol). I can’t wait to hear (and see pics) of all your travels! I’ve missed your Friday round up too…I’m glad I read about your Dr. Oz diet experience. I was going to try it, but I think I’ll skip it now. :)…I LOVE the pallet bench/desk! I soo want one…how cool are they??? I agree on the book thing…technology is good, but I still want to hold a book…there is something about being able to turn a page to continue the journey…guess I’m old fashion like that! We have a ton of Children’s Books that we love….one of our favorites is Kate DaCamillo’s The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane….love that book…has a few sad parts…and although I have read it to both if my girls 4th grade class, and the boys seemed to enjoy it, I’m not 100% sure of a boys opinion since I have girls….and finally, thanks for making me all nostalgic with the Sound of Music…that clip is my most favorite part of the movie…Auf Weidershen…just for now..(sorry for the spelling of that word…if my American spelling and grammar is poor…my German is even more so! 🙂 Love you!

    • I will check out The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane as soon as I get the chance- thanks for the tip!!! Also german spelling is easier because they actually spell phonetically! I think it looks right to me (I would never know the difference).

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