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Over the last few years I have suffered a few casualties on board public transportation. In fact nearly every time I (and the kids) am with Sparticus he leaves something behind. I think having the family to worry about puts him in a rushed frenzie and he forgets about everything but the kids (I sometimes question his priorities). On the way home from a wedding in Ohio, he left a garment bag filled with the beautiful dresses I wore all weekend. Of course Delta could never find it- I was gutted! Another example was on the way over, we seemed to have lost a brand new Kindle Fire (I secretly hated it but it’s still going to be missed on the upcoming 5 hour drive to Germany!)  A few weeks ago we were on a bus in a nearby village, when my favorite tote was left behind. I angished about it a little and then was silently relieved that it was not full of valuables. We were with a vetran Swiss expat who told us where to call and that there was a good chance we would get it back. He was right!!!! The Swiss are an honest people! This seems miraculous to me! Our big monogramed tote rode the bus all day and no one stole it?! In a country where you have to buy the sacks your groceries go in, or remember to bring your own from home, no one stole a nice big bag?!

If I so much as reach for the camera Coco strikes a pose.

The photo above shows the outside of the building. Once you are here look to your right for signs leading you to the entrance for Fundburo.So here is where to go if you loose something in Switzerland:

Luzerner Polizei
Hirschengraben 17b
6003 Luzern

phone: 041-248-86 86

hours of opperation:

Monday thru  Friday
09.00 bis 12.00 Uhr
13.30 bis 17.00 Uhr

This is the door you are looking for- Its beautiful, especially if they have found something really valuable to you, like a camera or a passport!!! For me it was my favorite blue tote.

They asked for identification, I signed a paper, reached for my blue bag and that’s when I got the surprise. He asked for 5 chf. I chuckled and paid up. It’s worth it of course. It pays for the shelf space rent and the administrative services, I love that they found a way to capitalize on the virtues of their society. If 5 chf helps keep this service going, I am happy to pay up.

So if you are in Switzerand and ever leave something on public transportation, or maybe even along the side of the road, there is a pretty good chance you’ll get it back. Isn’t that so refreshing? Do you have a happy ending to something lost? Are there really honest people out there still?

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  1. Hollee, when I was over Public Affairs for the church, I organized a huge Christmas tree give away open to the public. The trees were donated from a company out west owned by a church member, and I contacted the media to let them know we would be giving away free Live Christmas trees first come first serve. Well, it was a cold morning, and I was helping people load Christmas trees in their car as they were telling me how blessed they were to be given a tree that they otherwise would not have. When the last tree was gone, I looked down and noticed my wedding rings were gone!!!! With it being cold, they must have slid off somewhere! I looked all over the ground and I was so frantic. I thought they were gone forever. I could not find them! Finally, a lady pulled into the parking lot. I had recognized her b/c I had helped her get the tree in the car and she was a single mom who told me how grateful she was for the tree. Well, she got out of her car and came to me and said, “I think these are yours!” She said when she took the tree out of her car and put it in her house she saw them hanging from a branch!!! I CRIED and hugged her and thanked her over and over for being honest! She said how could she not be when The Lord blessed her with a tree for her babies!!! BEST. CHRISTMAS.EVER!!!

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