Finally headed to Annie Sloan Chair Class~ Friday Roundup

before chair.moxiblog.comAfter 7 months of planning I am finally headed over to the french region of Switzerland to learn to re-upholster this baby!  I bought the pair at a broken house for $50. I love caning and I think these could be beautiful, but I am a little intimidated by the armrest upholstery and well, the whole thing actually. Plus how hard is it to chalk paint caning? I have no idea either and I don’t want to mess them up so I think they are the perfect project to take to class. I had been dreaming about it for months and finally I decided to take this Annie Sloan class and through a series of cancellations and re-scheduling the day is finally here. I can’t wait to show you the finished project, assuming I can actually finish it?!

In the mean time here are links for the weekend~ enjoy them!

You may have seen this sweep through Facebook-Spoiler Alert! This video will have you crying really big tears of sweetness.

Wanna celebrate thanksgiving in Paris with other Americans at a restaurant owned by 3-star Michelin world-famous French Chef Guy Savoy?

For those friends and fans living in South Carolina beija flor jeans (please tell me you’ve heard of them) is having a pop-up sale this weekend! If you haven’t heard – they are Brazilian jeans- and have been featured in a lot of press like O magazine, today show, health magazine, and People!

Dying for one or all of these felted animal head trophies!

Feel good mommy moment of the week:

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