countdown begins

I haven’t gone quiet on purpose, It’s just that life seems to be getting in the way. I must do better at keeping you all updated. After all the big stuff is just starting to happen! We finally got the elusive VISA.

This is a tiny little passport paper that allows my husband to work in Switzerland. We have not moved forward with anything on the other end (Switzerland) because we have been a teeny tiny bit unsure about the teeny tiny chance that someone in a Swiss government office would just decide not to clear us for employment. After all this job offer came 3 1/2 months ago, and all this time we have been holding our breaths waiting for the visa.

Finally a big exhale and a trip to Curacao at the same time.

Since we had unexpected time here waiting, we thought some sunny weather and time to decompress would be ideal. We gathered up all our travel points and cashed in on a week in the Caribbean. We spent lots of family time, we watched sunsets, we counted starts, we swam, snorkled, scuba dived and even petted iguanas. It was warm and sunny and we will start our Swiss adventures tan and relaxed.

As I write you I am held up at the Hampton Inn, for a while it has been sufficient, but I will happily say goodbye to it. What I will miss the most is Miss Isabel and Miss Rosalie, sisters who do the continental Breakfast Service every morning. These are two older African American ladies that treat Coco like a princess every morning, and in turn she can’t wait to come down and greet them with hugs.

In contrast I wont miss the smell of cigarettes wafting down the hall. IT IS DISGUSTING to wake up in my non-smoking room and smell cigarette smoke. I hear they plan to do away with Smoking rooms in the next months, but I am skeptical they can do away with the putrid smell that lingers in the hallways.

We will be checking out on next Friday March 29, heading north to Roanoke Virginia for the first annual Diviney plantation Easter egg hunt (The White House got nothin’ on my BRO). He has invited over two hundred children- it should be fun!

Photo from Oberazzi’s -the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Hoace Williams House in Chapel HIll, NC 2008.

I hope they are all dressed in gentile spring eyelets with matching with gloves, maybe some little seersucker vest and saddle bucks. In my imagination spring colored bow ties will speckle the crowd of wide-eyed children spying out the best places to find and hide the colored treasures.

check out these cute bowties from LionsandLadies Etsy store!

It shall prove to be a great opportunity for me to test out my new Nikon D90. VERY EXCITING. Just hope I can get the hang of it. Sunday we will gather at the grand dining room for a traditionally spread table and a breakfast feast will be serve before we go to celebrate Christ resurrection at church.

Finally we will drive up to DC and spend the remaining few days under the Cherry blossoms of our nations capitol.

click here to get tips about the festival

Don’t these pictures make you want to go! It’s on my life list ya’ll, I’m so excited!

fine art Don Lovett

We will visit the monuments, the air and space museum, the Smithsonian natural history museum, and if we have time the botanical gardens and spy museum.

Its a lot to cram into a few days. Any suggestions? Any DC fave’s? Any kid friendly restaurant recommendations close to the museums and monuments?

The Children will be having so much fun they would spend time festering about details that are not with in their control. Its our Boo that we worry the most about. I know he has the brains for it, but we are pushing him into a difficult task. I pray those little Swiss kids will think he is nice, cool, or what ever it takes to befriend him and teach him to speak German!

I dread the long plane ride on Wednesday (more on that later)- but I am ready for it to be over! That’s whats on my mind this morning, have a great weekend where ever you are.