Yellow Portrait Collage

painting.moxiblog.comThis morning I am excited to share one of the projects I have been working on lately. Now that the client has seen it, I get to show you too! I will eventually show you the process for this style, because I have done several of these and I am always surprised at how fun and cheerful and uplifting they end up being for me and for the client. This project was for a friend who lives in Munich, but for several years lived in South Carolina (that’s how we met) and wanted a painting in this style to reminder her of their time in the states. I was given complete creative freedom. The biggest challenge was finding a photo that included her whole family! The painting would be hanging against white walls so I wanted to do something colorful that would pop and that would represent the sunshine their family brings to the lives of those people lucky enough to know them. I think the bright yellow will help cheer up their home during dreary European winters and hopefully remind them of happy times in the USA.

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