Charleston SC-Luzern CH (moving I)

I haven’t posted anything about our current transition to Switzerland since first announcing it at Christmas. I have been so busy doing it and trying to line up the details that I don’t want to bore you with my stress. As you can imagine, our house is currently in a state of disarray that is made livable only because of the excitement that motivates us to ignore the suitcases, boxes, and massive clutter surrounding us.  Over the past few months I have put my hands on EVERY item of “stuff” that fills our current 3000 square feet, and my husband sorted out the garage and potting shed. We have sold, moved, packed, stored, given away, and trashed everything. My boss at Sideshow Press, sympathetically shared that “the last 10% (maybe %20) is the hardest.”  I am almost to the finish line! We have found a lovely renter who moves in next week and off to the hotel we go, until the Swiss Visa’s (the long sorted ordeal that deserves a post of its own~if only I knew the whats and whys of this difficult process?) FINALLY arrive. I will be glad to have everything sorted out, packed up and waiting. I am deliberately exercising the power of positive thinking to convince our family that the final weeks here in SC (and the Hampton Inn) will be fun, free continental breakfast every morning before school might just get the kids moving quicker. I am also imagining it will be like living as a tourist in my own town:) After all Charleston is the number one city in the world to visit according to conde nast.

In case your curious- here are some of the preparations in progress.

Oh…and I’m in need of all the helpful packing, cleaning (I need to get this place spotless), and sanity-saving tips you are able to share! I promise to share all that I am learning right here, so keep checking back. We’ll get through this together!