Diving and Threading

When we were able to get away from the toilet in our room we very much enjoyed two Egyptian specialties- scuba diving and threading.

Snapshot 1 (5-7-2014 8-09 PM) (2)

My take on scuba diving at Sharm El Sheikh:

  • Beautiful corals.
  • Really cool octopus that we watched change colors!
  • Great thorough instructors genuinely interested in helping you become a better diver- thanks Manzone at the Italian Dive Center!
  • Dive shops are typically cheaper than European and Us counterparts.
  • Inspite of strict environmental laws I observed significant signs of damage to the reefs, litter, broken corals, and sadly the most noticeable was the lack of prized sea turtles, sharks, and other wildlife that makes divers gitty with bragging rights.
  • In spite of high surface air temperatures the sea was still cold to me. I wore wetsuits the whole time- in contrast to the warm carribean waters that do not require wetsuits.
  • I still think diving in Belize was the most impressive reef to date (someday I will dive the great barrier reef).

Just in case you are really into hearing heavy breathing and watching us learn how to use the go pro camera enjoy the next 6.11 minutes

And what is threading you might be asking? It is a hair removal method that is popular all over the world and is simply done with a piece of thread. What made it so impressive was that a thorough job to the ears and back made Sparticus 15 years younger. I was so curious to learn that I bribed a spa clinician to teach me the secret- I did some practicing and it’s just not as easy as it looks. But here’s a quick video to show you how its done. Now go out and search your nearest large city for threading services, make an appointment for the man in your life, and watch a good grooming transform him in an hour. Worth noting that the more experience and practice the clinician has the faster and more precise the service will be (LOOK FOR EXPERIENCE). My friendly spa clinician promised the hair removal would last a year!? (Have you ever met a middle eastern salesman?)