Dubrovnic Croatia

┬áDubrovnik was my favorite stop on the recent cruise. Maybe that’s because we left our kids on the boat most of the day, or perhaps because everyone spoke English, perhaps because it’s small enough and easy to wander around in a few hours, but probably because it’s so freakin beautiful that you can’t help but love it. So here it is y’all.AMAZING VIEW

This is a real photo- not a painting. This place really exist! I’ve been there!

hollee overlook cove Dubrovnic

harbor viewAre you searching for airfare yet?

from wall stunnig views2It’s stunning right?

hollee and daveIf you decide to arrive by boat, cruise ship, private yacht, etc. and want a money saving tip (okay so if you arrive by private yacht maybe you don’t need a budget tip) here it is: Taxi’s will take you to the old city for about 10 Euro, you can ride the public bus for about 1.50 Euro per person one way, or if you like to waist money because you didn’t do your research (that would be me) you can buy a ticket on the Cruise Lines Charter bus for 6.50 one way. So basically if you have a family of 10 and can’t all fit into one taxi, the bus is the way to go. But if you are 2-5 people- a taxi is cheaper.

dubrovnic port

entrance of old city dubrovnicWe took a walking tour for an hour, it was a great way to learn a bit of history about Croatia.

good walking tour


croatia flag

The BEST thing to do in Dubrovnik is take a walk along the walls of the city. If you have time for only half the walls make sure you go to the left up the steps- toward the ocean. It will be the slowest, loveliest 1 kilometer walk you will ever take.

dave view of island

dave and hollee view of island

city wall 3We can’t wait to go back and make a proper visit, do some diving and take our time discovering the sandy beaches along the coastline.

from wall stunnig views

city wall 1

better looking down wall along ocean

better harborIt didn’t feel like the fall trips I am used to… camping in the Blue Ridge mountains. There were no autumn colored leaves, or hot drinks sipped slowly around the campfire, but a trip to Dubrovnik- I’ll take it any time of year!