Daydreams of Mexico, Sparkly New Earrings, and Facebook Birthdays

Today I wished we were sitting on a Mexican beach, which is pretty much how I daydream about spending all my time. Instead I thawed out some rib-eyes that were gifted to us by my American Military friends who can get American beef at the BX on base. I figured it was a good day for a splurge. I added a shake of this and a glug of that and pretty soon the stove top was sizzling like my skin on a hot sunny day.
Homemade Fajitas and a big spoonful of guacamole is the next best thing to sitting on a Mexican beach in the winter right? And speaking of sizzling my skin….

fajita lunch_1

I am including this photo of myself so I will someday look back and think- “I wish I only had that many wrinkles”. This wrinkled mug was hard earned by lots of sunny days growing up in Florida- I wouldn’t trade it for all the smooth skin in the world. If you live nearby and have seen me at the gymnastics studio, or the grocery store, you may not recognize me. Today I got up, showered and applied some make up. I decided I wanted to head into this day fully camouflaged. My sidekick -Coco also wanted to get into the action and whilst she was supposed to be coloring with markers at the table, applied her own version of black eye makeup. I wished I had snapped a shot but you can see the residual leftover marker stains on this photo below where it looks like she has a black eye.

someday Ill wish I only had these wrinklesI also want to point out the lovely new earrings that arrived in the post. It is a tradition that began many years ago, maybe 10 or 12 now. I have a sweet and generous girlfriend with the worlds best taste in jewelry. We reluctantly compete with address changes and in-spite of where we are in the world, a tiny box criss-crosses the globe and arrives in my mailbox right around Dec. 10th. I always wait to open it but it’s usually the first thing I do on Dec. 10th and every year I unwrap a lovely new pair of sparkly earrings. Almost with out exception they are my favorite color- a shade of Caribbean seawater. My sweet girlfriend always remembers, and is always on time. Which is more than I can say for myself but I resolve to be on time in 2014! Today I am so happy to be sporting the prettiest new pair of turquoise blue ear bobbles! I stared into the stones while eating fajitas, its practically like I am on a beach in Mexico.

bday with kids

After cleaning the black marker off Coco’s eyes, she was pacified with a candy-cane on the cheek. As for Axel, I think he is starting to look more like me. It’s a lovely thing to see some resemblance in these children that nearly killed me during pregnancy.

Finally lets talk about Facebook. I have never been a huge fan, in-spite of having been a member for years. Ironically though I login very regularly now craving news from the states and friends back home. And just last week I discovered that my dad knows how to use the laptop AND Facebook when I posted a request for anyone knowing my parents where abouts to send me their new address (yes we are a family of gypsies). Miracles do happen. Today, I have been surprised with the little birthday wishes popping up – it is so curiously delightful to me how something so small can really be so Splendid. People you can hardly remember, peopleĀ  you have never met in person, people that you haven’t seen in years all chiming in to make your day a little brighter and a little more celebratory. Today I have a new respect and appreciation for social networking! Thank you Facebook for connecting me with the world and for helping me realize that even though I am so far away from home, I am not so far from the thoughts and hearts of people who love me. And as I blow out birthday candles I will imagine you are all with me, on a beach in Mexico, eating chocolate cupcakes.