Friday roundup


Next weekend our village celebrates Aplabzug, it’s the day when the cows are marched down from mountain pastures after spending the 4 months of mostly good weather, grazing in the Alps. The cows parade through main street and the locals usually enjoy live music and traditional food. Little village all over Switzerland will be having similar celebration in the next few weeks. I hope to get a few good shots. If you want to see for yourself give me a shout and be in Ennetburgen on Sat Sept. 21 starting at 10:00 around the Gemindeshall. It’s free!

Here’s the weeks roundup:

  1. Being far away from home during days like 9-11 has me craving a meaningful way to remember the day. In my internet search of how my friends back home are paying tribute I ran accross this by ad students from Miami- cool idea, perfect timing.
  2. I’m kinda dying for one of these and a pair of these.
  3. Another cool German design house Blueteseit out of Berlin, and they sell on Etsy. I really think this is cool.
  4. Are you missing Downton? Check out a little sneak peak, and wow, Edith looks great in real life!
  5. Finally, this girl made my “feel good mommy moment” this week.