Transforming grocery store flowers

My adoring husband sent me flowers for Valentines Day. He was out of town and had them delivered to me. In all fairness he would never have chosen this… less than splendid “arrangement”.

I quickly dismantled it and transformed it into a lovely little bouquet to set on my desk. Here’s how:

  • Select a different vase, something short about 6- 8 inches
  • peel off most of the leaves on roses and trim stems (see below)
  • peel off most of the fern “leafs” leaving only about 4 inches on top of a 6 inch stem
  • cut stems off babies breath, leaving it shorter than the roses.
  • I discarded other filler. I often discard all fillers, just depends on my mood. Roses are beautiful on their own in clusters. Since it is valentines day I thought the contrast of the delicate white babies breath against the red roses would be perfect.


  • Once in a floral arrangement class, I was told that cutting the stems at an angle and trimming off all the extra leaves allows the rose to absorb more water and use all the water to keep the flower looking beautiful longer, so I always do that first.

  • Put them in a small vase and voila- finished!