Happy friday- flowers

In Switzerland I can hardly walk a quarter of a mile with out passing buy a flower shop or sidewalk display like this. This is a country which loves flowers, and gives flowers! It’s one of the things I love most about it and also one of the charming things that I wish we could adopt stateside. They really support the florist, and the prices are usually better than a comparable bouquet in the states. When I receive flowers here I always think that it looks beautiful enough to get married.

Here is the bouquet I received from a friend. Stunning right?! It came wrapped beautifully in cellophane.

The cellophane was folded in half and in between the layers were flowers and petals. I didn’t even unwrap it for a day because it was so beautiful! Here’s a photo of the petals between the cellophane after I unwrapped it- do you see the cherry blossom? Next time I will take a photo of the flowers wrapped because they do such a fantastic job and its just like beautiful gift wrap.

Until next week- auf wiedersehen.