Colorful Abstract- Poppies & Candy floss

{"focusMode":0,"deviceTilt":0.02192000945540862,"whiteBalanceProgram":0,"macroEnabled":false,"qualityMode":3}I am really excited about this one, its so cheerful- definitely a flashback from summertime . It is my Georgia O’Keeffe “Poppies” moment. This painting adds a pop of color, and an irresistible focal point to any space. It measures   27.25 x 19.75 inches and priced at 300.00 usd plus shipping. I am happy to ship the rolled canvas to you. You can usually get it stretched by a reputable framing shop for about a 100 usd in the states.

White-Fireplace-Makeover copy scandinavianfireplaces2 copy

Wouldn’t it look great over the mantel?

Painted Bird Series

photo 2

There are so many things I need to catch up with you about but this by far the prettiest! I am posting 7 of my new acylic paintings. My sweet little birds are 6×6 inches and look especially beautiful in groups! I am pricing them at $50 each plus shipping from the states through end of November- just in time for Christmas! I will be posting some more “wintery” selections later so check back often! TO order email me! Or comment on Facebook.

robin forward on aquaRobin on Aquamarine

lavander crested aquabird on peachLavender Crest on Peach

yellow bird on blueBig Bird on Blue

bluebird on greenBlue Bird on Green

hummingbird on peachHummingbird on Peach

hot pink black birdMagpie on HotPink

robin looks left on blueRobin Looking to the Left