Viva la france

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I have so many photo’s to share! I can’t help my self I love FRANCE!!!

provincial sunflowers Provence France •

provencal sunflowers

truffles for sale Provence France •

honey, lavender and truffle store

grape vinyard Provence France •


views from bonnioux7 lavender Provence France •

Can you see the lavender fields?

It’s stunningly beautiful almost everywhere (toilets are a disturbing exceptions) . By-the-way can anyone please explain the deal with toilets in France (Italy is a close second)? While we are on the subject, I ask you, how is it possible that they can be so primitive, so disgusting? After all, modern toilet seats have been mass produced for years! And what about plumbing, I can only remember using (in America) an outhouse once in my adult lifetime, it was in a remote state park in Utah during off season. During the high season when plumbing wont freeze, more modern facilities are open, and cleaned often! I digress….. France is beautiful! France is expensive! France is worth it!

Lauris France Provence France •

Lauris France

landscape copy Provence France •

Luberon Valley

Luberon valley Provence France •

Luberon valley

To enjoy a week in this beautiful country, we are doing a few things to economize.
1. We chose a small farmhouse accommodation on about a half hour from the area we were ideally hoping to stay in. I really love the farmhouse, the photos will have you falling in love too.

path near house Provence France •

  The fireplace is massive limestone centerpiece in the large living room with original wood beams exposed on the ceiling.


old hall window  tiny stairs

dining room

kitchen wide angle

The floors are beautiful old terracotta tile, and help keep the house cool during high afternoon temperatures (over 100).

old tile

Remarkably we do not have air conditioning. The crystal clear pool helps keep us cool and makes hot afternoons fun and bearable.

pool time6 Provence France •

pool1 Provence France •

In hindsight though, I would probably try and find something closer to the “ideal zone” next time, and my strategy is to book it early for a better selection of moderately priced properties. If you are interested in where we stayed – email me- I would happily recommend Madame Flaconer Beautiful-Authentically-French-Farmhouse.

2. We are self catering all week. We arrived late on Saturday night and spent Sunday at the Lisle Sur La Sourge market (the largest antique market out side of Paris) so we enjoyed a few meals at local french restaurants before stocking up for the week at the market and large mega stores. I spent a few hours on Monday combing the isles of the supermarket and absorbing all of the delightful french delicacies. I was overly ambitious and while I love cooking, I also love lying by the pool and exploring medieval village markets. SO I have tried to balance my time and enjoyed delighting my family with regional specialties every night. Roasted chicken and couscous, Salad Nicisoa, and Grilled swordfish and Gambas ( huge huge shrimp).

Can you see the size of these shrimp!Provence France •

Can you see the size of these shrimp! That’s a normal sized lemon compare it to the giant head on the shrimp!!!

It's a tow fister! Provence France •

It’s a two fist-er!

Provence France •

nicoise salad Provence France •

nicoise salad

Ahh, the olive vendors have be hanging on every sample! We have a fridge full of cheese, saucisson, and fresh regional fruit.


We ate dozens of fresh nectarines- right from the farmers!

mystery mellon nicoise salad

This is the most amazing mystery melon! I think in France its called verde melon or Bollo melon. It looks a little like a watermelon (smaller) but it looks like a honeydew melon on the inside. It has the most sweet, fragrant amazing taste.

juicy cherries Provence, France •

juicy cherries

How did he end up with cherry juice on his nose? Provence, France •

How did he end up with cherry juice on his nose?

Of all the provincial culinary delights the locally grown fruit is “better than candy” according to the children. We have eaten melons that we have never seen before. We are gorging our-self’s on nectarines and ripe cherries. It is a glorious pleasure.
more on our itinerary to come….