Downton~ what a downer!

It’s taken me a week to write about what happened last Sunday. I had been exposed to only a quick spoiler alert that said “you know Mathews leaving?”. I tried to forget and was not watching for it. I was sort of imagining a break-up or a big argument about the estate management, but I dismissed it as it was obvious Mary and Mathew couldn’t be more in love, I figured my friend was mistaken. Then suddenly, the scene with the wind blowing through his girly hair, the spaced out dream-like mood while he recklessly drives his convertible back to Downton… there it was, the other car, and I knew this was “Mathews leaving”. I was sad. I have scoured message board all week and mourned with everyone in the world over this loss- isn’t everyone watching it by now? I am not however in total agreement with the masses. Does every one out there really think Mathew is hot??! I decided to add my 2 cents here, because this is MY space after all! And because I hope Julian Fellows is really reading:)

1. I was sad for the baby, sad for Mary, sad for the other characters who have to endure another loss this year- especially tragic because of the baby, but also a relief that the heir was born~ this was a smart move.

2. Because the heir was born I am hopeful Mary can find a better match. (Don’t send me hate-mail). Here is where my opinion differs from the masses. Mathew was nice blah blah. Mary is “abrasive” blah, blah. I like her! And I thought Mathew was a little weak, a little pudgy, and that blond girly hair- really ya’ll? Every one seems to love it? On a M-A-N? No! I want a man who doesn’t have to use more beauty products than I do! I get that Mary and Mathew were a good balance, and I was happy that they got together because that’s what they really wanted and what Downtown needed after all, but I want them to bring on a firey HANDSOME manly man!!!

THIS new face at Downton will have Mary feeling rainbows and butterflies.

and since Edith is never meant to marry, perhaps Mary can do it agian?


Dear Julian Fellowes,

I know you have tried your best with that weak chinned, girly haired, no moral responsibility to a character who has grown into something bigger-than-himself, Mathew. Doesn’t he know that once you agree to play a character who is married to the rightful heir of Downton- a strong, beautiful woman like Mary Crawley,  that the whole world is counting on you? Well Mr. Fellows- lets forget Mathew, let’s think of something better for next season. Also I liked how you fast forwarded a year past all the grief of Sybil’s passing, can we do that again for Mary’s sake? Can we just quickly get to the part where she falls in love again to a really amazing man who will love her son and help her fill up all those empty rooms with healthy babies? Here is my short list for casting a new match for Mary:

  • Javier Bardem (Imagine foreign royalty – we know she has a thing for foreign men~ remember he Turkish diplomats son?)
  • Gerard Butler– (Do we really need to explain this one?)
  • Jeffrey Morgan (I know he has a great Irish accent in PS I love you)
  • Timothy Olyphant (Imagine the American Marshal come to steal her heart)
  • George Cloney (Maybe you’ve heard of him?)
  • Robert Downey Jr. (Imagine falling in love with Sherlock Holmes- um yes please!)

your biggest fan,


p.s. I am moving to Switzerland so I can watch BBC all the time. I also can’t wait a whole year for Downton so I am changing markets in order to view it in the fall:) Oh here’s another idea, what about a 4th of July special?!