Nature Spiel Gruppe

way to farm

Last Thursday was Coco’s first day of NATURE Spiel Gruppe. We drove up the mountain to bring her to the farm and I had to stop like every 100 yards for a photo. Yes, it’s apple season here too!

apple photos

  I really wished I could just move into this little farm house and grow flowers and apples and of course, blog about it.

nature spiel gruppe copy

Is that a cow peaking out the door window?

We arrived in Jeans, a feat in-and-of-itself. We did a lot of talking about wearing jeans the week before. We pointed out the cute cherries on the bottom that matched the cherries on her shirt. But there is just no getting around it, Coco does not like pants. She much prefers tutu’s. When she was sufficiently convinced that wearing pants is mandantory, she reluctantly put on her jeans.

feeding animals  Nature spiel gruppe is a totally uniquely Swiss experience. The children are outside rain or shine (kinda like a real farmer). In Switzerland they have a saying “There is not bad weather only bad clothing”, so we received a long list of “appropriate” clothing requirements. Most had to do with staying warm and dry; I am eager to find rubber sweat pants in my size, if it means that I can have a sunny outlook on bad weather.  dying for these pants

And speaking of clothes- aren’t these pants to- die- for!!!!! This is the Barbie mom (there are several of them in this group~ will I fit in?) who reminds me of Elin Nordegren (Tiger’s Ex). I was really trying to pretend to take photo’s of the kids, cause it’s a little wierd, and stalker-ish.

cant get poop on our tails

Here’s a shot of the cow tail that is tied up so they don’t get pooped on- pretty clever huh?!


And a chicken.

farm bunny

And a bunny

guinie pigs

And a “swiss pet” guinea pig

goats say hello

And some goats that are dying to say “guten tag”.

mr. goat- you talkin to me_

Well hello to you too goat-ey!

goat bell

Don’t ya just love their bells?!

goat eyes

And their eyes are crazy cool!

cows 1

Coco loves feeding the animals, especially the beautiful Swiss cows.

cows 2

little aaron

I think all the kids loved it.

how old do ya have to be to drive that sucker

I caught Coco thinking “how old do ya have to be to drive that sucker”?

practice tractor

And since she was still too young, they said she could use the practice tractor.

rope ladder

At Nature Spiel Gruppe, the kids work outside, play outside, take walks in the forest, build stuff, mix natural paint pigments and do crafts with them. Everything has a natural and self sustaining philosophy- I love it! Kinda like a preschool using he “Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It” by John Seymour as a textbook.

will someone teach sophia to do that_

I hope that somebody can teach Coco to do this!?!?

poop spreader

Every farm has one of these, its a big tank that is filled up with cow “waist” and is pulled behind tractors to spray the manure mixture all over the fields to “make the grass grow quickly”. This big ugly stinky machine is responsible for the “unpleasant” smells that fill the air just before a rainfall (nearly everyday).

We live in a rural village… with lots of cows… and lots of grass.

I can only describe the smell as pretty shitty especially on hot days. Ha Ha.wood pile again

Have you ever seen wood piles like this?! OCD?

swiss wood pile- OCD_

Gabrielle Blair wrote a post about them here.


gnomes in swiss garden

Every Swiss Garden has Gnomes caring for it.

I am convinced the only way they can be so perfect is because the magic elves doing all the weeding at night.

more flowers

pretty girl2

After about a half hour the children picked flowers in the garden,

giving mom flower

and gave them to the parents to say good bye.

view - can remove powerlines

It would be hard not to love NATURE SPIEL GRUPPE, look at these views.

pretty girl