Overnight Halloween Gymnastics Party for kids Oct 18!


Is there anyone out there who would love a night away from the kids? A night to enjoy some adult time? A WHOLE NIGHT? Meet Kinderfit. We go to gymnastics classes at Kinderfit a few days a week with both of our children age 4 and age 8. Kiderfit for the little ones is a little like a mix of Gymboree and The Little Gym. With older kids Nadia takes more of a coaching role, using excersises and games to strengthen, improve coordination, agility, dexterity and to increase fitness and athletic performance. Nadia Menasche, the owner and coach is a friendly, energetic lady with excellent English skills and children of her own. My kids like her and feel completely at home in the gym amongst the mats, and trampoline and all the other “gym toys”. If you are lucky your insurance will cover a portion of the cost, just like it does when adults go to the gym regularly. I know that as winter comes it will be a great outlet for burning of some energy with out feeling like we are stuck inside. If you are not a memeber your kids can still register for the special events, like the BIG OVERNIGHT HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!

Our kids will be there and I heard from Nadia that there are 5 other English speaking kids already registered.



Children from ages 4-12 are invited

October 18 2013

drop off: 7:00pm

pickup: 9:00am Oct. 19.

28.00 francs per child includes dessert and breakfast.

Kids must eat dinner before they come and arrive in costumes (no makeup please). Once they arrive there will be a party and dessert will be served. There will be fun, music, games, and activities.


Note: Number of sleeping places is limited, reserve as soon as possible.

Bring with: sleeping bag, toothbrush, washcloth, towel, cuddly and anything your child needs.

 kinderfit original logo november 2007

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