Coco talks Hawaii

Last month my niece Pixie got married. You may remember her wedding video save the date I posted about here. The wedding was in Hawaii, in January. Who wouldn’t want to be in Hawaii anytime, but JANUARY?! This is a no brainier! The event was not to be missed. Unless you live exactly half way around the world and in Kantone Nidwalden where you have to get a written dispensation for missing school. If you miss with out the dispensation, (which is usually issued once in a lifetime -not kidding) you can be fined 100 chf per day- PER DAY! So with airfare, hotel and school cost, not to mention loss of pay for the time off, it would have been cheaper for me to pay for the wedding. We missed it. We were in freezing cold Switzerland getting details via telephone and crying our eyes out that our little pixie was getting married with out us, and that we were missing fish tacos! There has been a lot of conversations about the party in Hawaii and I guess it sunk in, so if you are my sister or niece or share DNA you will probably enjoy this very much. By the way- she likes to pretend that I am a babysitter and I have no idea where Calija is- except that she says it’s in Hawaii.

Pop some popcorn, take a seat and prepare for some entertainment! Our latest film will run you about 10 min- which might be really difficult to sit though unless you are related. Also note that the first 3.5 minutes are the most boring, once we get her talking about Hawaii and the pirates and her jewelry it gets more interesting. I should also mention that this is one of my new favorite things to do with her because at the end of the day when she is still so obviously energetic and I am ready to just lay on the couch and nap this activity sorta satisfies us both. For her it involves a costume, accessories and a chance to have the spotlight, for me it means I get to sit on the couch.