What to give a friend on their 40th birthday?

I’m a huge fan of Homemade gifts. I love getting them and love giving them. I don’t always have time to paint something or baking something that has to be shipped is not ideal. This year my dear friend Steph is turning 40! And since I just experienced it myself, I thought some positive affirmations would be a great comfort. It reminds us that the 40 years of work we have been investing into shaping our skills, personality, character, etc. haven’t gone to waist. Its nice to hear all these good qualities reflecting off of someone else’s eyes.

I made a card that list 40 things I love about my friend. I am pretty sure she wont be tossing this in the trash. I hand wrote it so that it felt very personal, and the extra pages are tied onto the big card, when you lift up the layers it reveals even more great stuff about her- just like in real life! I hope it will help her remember all these great things that others notice about her.