Lake Front Ice Skating in Lucerne

seriousLake Lucerne and the KKL cultural center in Lucerne are the perfect backdrop for the holiday ice skating rink. We spend over an hour learning how to skate… again. Some of our crew had done it before, but when you live in a place like South Carolina where the temperatures rarely dip below 50 degrees F, you just don’t get out to ice skate very often. But Axel was zooming past everyone within minutes of hitting the ice.

coco learningCoco was a little more reticent at first. She would hold on to Spartacus for a few feet and then beg to stand on the side lines. Check out the cute strap on beginner skates with a double blade~ easier to balance.

friends at christmas time in LuzernShe didn’t get the hang of it until we were able to rent a weighted penguin for 8chf. I had never seen these things before, but they are genius!
They are heavy, stable and glide around on little “ski’s”.

sophia and penguin

carter with photo taking dad

paige and mark with penguin CUTEGreat thing about the penguin was that after a few laps with it, every one of the kids was feeling more confident and ready to try skating on their own!

carter learning2

paige skates

coco skatesWe visited on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the rink was very crowded. There weren’t enough penguins to go around and it was almost a sport to try and catch someone leaving and immediately sprint over to get inline behind them for the rental. I suggest trying it during the week rather than weekends. At night it is colder but they have beautiful colored lights that make the experience just as inviting.

the boysWanna race?


___sara laughingWe ran into friends from Gymnastics who are practically pro’s. At least they looked like it with helmets and snow pants. These Swiss always know how to wear the perfect outfit for the occasion. I was imagining sparkly leotards from Disney-on-Ice, turns out that if you are falling down a lot, something more waterproof and warm works much better. Coco’s striped tights were not warm enough for over an hour on the ice but it didn’t stop her from loving it.

___sara cute skates There is no time limit on the rental, it seems you can skate all day if you like. When we announced that it was time to go do some sightseeing Coco was very disappointed and vowed to come back!

its time to go cocoUp until this point we were having a blast!

Lucerne’s  Live on Ice last from end of November until January 5 2014, so if you haven’t been, you’d better hurry!

Parking is available at the train station. Cost is 8chf per skate rental.