Snowshoeing by the Light of the Moon~ Friday roundup!


I found this image on a Swiss travel website- photographer unknown.
This is what snowshoeing around here looks like during the day light. I can hardly find a photo at night, I guess that’s because it’s a very difficult shot! But I can promise you that the scenery and experience is stunning by moonlight too!!!

This week I was invited to join a lovely group of moms from the International school here in Lucerne for a Moonlight snowshoe hike and dinner. We were a group of 6: 3 Americans, 2 from Denmark, and 1 from the Netherlands. What an awesome experience! I can’t recommend it highly enough. It might have been one of my all time favorite original Swiss experiences. We even got to crawl into a small igloo for 2 and stopped along the way for hot drinks by a campfire. Later we had a very authentically Swiss meal fo Alpermagronen, which is a lot like mac and cheese with potatoes added and delicious fried onion bits on top, traditionally served with applesauce. And can I tell you that after a brisk and exhilarating evening walk, we all worked up an appetite! I hear this is offered at several mountain tops in our area- but we went to Sarnen, get more info here.

I haven’t had a Friday roundup in a while, so I hope this one satisfies your new years cravings for fresh ideas, ways to support your resolutions and tickle your travel taste-buds!

1. There are lots of right ways to raise children.

2. This might help in those seasonal orginizational task

3. This is Divine! Aren’t you just craving color this time of year?

4. I know this is making FB rounds but it is just so funny- especially at the end. I couldn’t resist!

5. I LOVED this Ted EX talk from amy cuddy! I hope it gives you some added confidence too!

6. I used to tell everyone NOT to visit Europe in the winter because I thought everyone hated cold weather like I do. However, with the discovery of this snowshoeing experience, coupled with the extrodinary sledding and a chance I might actually try skiing- I guess this place is a winter paradise. Check out the great deal to stop and see Iceland on your way here!

This weekend my Girlfriend Annie Valentine comes for a visit, the kids have there 2nd class in ski school, we will be busy! How are you celebrating the long weekend? I know in the states its MLK on Monday and here we have St. Antoni Day Today.